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Welcome to your first newsroom experience in the Missouri School of Journalism’s Convergence emphasis area. We hope and expect you will rise to the unique challenge of helping report stories for the school’s principal media: the Missourian, KBIA, KOMU and their respective Web sites.

You will be assigned randomly to work in teams and each of you will bring different skills and interests to the teams. You will be asked to stretch by assuming roles outside your comfort zone or skill level as the semester progresses.

The focus of this course is reporting. Reporting includes critical thinking, imagination, and the ability to research, write, and create artwork, still photos, video and audio. Depending on the nature of each assignment, some stories will appear in all media, others may appear in only a few or one of them.

The convergence feature stories you work on will have one thing in common: they won’t typically involve breaking, spot news. Those will be the purview of newspaper and radio/TV news students working regular, daily shifts at the Missourian, KBIA and KOMU. As a convergence reporter you will produce feature stories, in-depth pieces and other special reports in cooperation with the newsrooms. However, you’ll need to be flexible.


Undergraduates: Multimedia Journalism (J2150)
Graduates: Fundamentals of TV, Radio and Photojournalism (J7802)

Class Schedule

This course is three credit hours.
Course meets MWF from 8:00 – 8:50 a.m. in the Fall and Spring.

Faculty Members
Mark Hinojosa, 001C, RJI, hinojosam@missouri.edu
Kathy Kiely, 214 RJI, kielyk@missouri.edu
Judd Slivka, Rm. 001D, RJI, slivkaj@missouri.edu

Office hours by appointment.

Other Faculty Members

Lynda Kraxberger, Convergence faculty, kraxbergerl@missouri.edu
Mike McKean, Convergence faculty,  mckeanml@missouri.edu,
Amy Simons, Convergence faculty,  simonsa@missouri.edu
Stacey Woelfel, Director, Murray Center for Documentary Journalism; 243 Walter Williams, WoelfelS@missouri.edu
Jeanne Abbott, Managing Editor, Missourian, 882-5741 Abbottjm@missouri.edu 
Ryan Famuliner, News Director, KBIA-FM, 882-3431, FamulinerR@missouri.edu
Randy Reeves, News Director, KOMU-TV, 884-NEWS, ReevesR@missouri.edu
Jeimmie Nevalga, Executive Producer, KOMU-TV, 884-NEWS, NevalgaJ@missouri.edu
Annie Hammock, New Media Direcor, KOMU-TV, 884-News, HammockL@missouri.edu


Teaching Assistants


Check the course schedule often. Links to occasional online readings will appear there.

You are expected to keep up with news from the print, online and on-air services of the Missourian, KOMU, KBIA and their local competitors. Class discussions will sometimes focus on that coverage.