4806/7806 Basic Info

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This course will give you experience in producing and editing, as a member of an editorial staff. As a project manager, you will practice editorial management, planning and producing, and teamwork skills as you oversee content for the Columbia Missourian, KBIA and KOMU.  You will do additional work in one of our 10 partner newsrooms.

You will exercise, develop and improve on all the journalism skills practiced in previous classes: researching, reporting, editing, producing, proofreading, photo editing and design.


Convergence Reporting (J-4804/7804)
or Broadcast News II (J-4306/7306)
or News Reporting (J-4450/J-7450)


Class Schedule

This course is three credit hours.

During the Fall and Spring terms, the course meets on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9-9:50am.We’ll meet in 209 Strickland Hall unless otherwise noted.  Only students assigned to project management rotations attend Monday meetings and Wednesday 8 a.m. pitch meetings once team stories begin.  On Fridays, only students assigned to project management rotations will attend story story grading in 35 Walter Williams from 9-9:50.


Course Faculty

Judd Slivka, 001D RJI, slivkaj@missouri.edu
Mark Hinojosa, 001C, RJI, hinojosam@missouri.edu

Newsroom Faculty

Amy Simons, Convergence faculty, simonsa@missouri.edu
Jeanne Abbott, Managing Editor, Missourian, 882-5741, abbottjm@missouri.edu
Ryan Famuliner, News Director, KBIA-FM, 882-3431, FamulinerR@missouri.edu
Randy Reeves, News Director, KOMU-TV, 884-NEWS, ReevesR@missouri.edu
Jeimmie Nevalga, Executive Producer, KOMU-TV, 884-NEWS, NevalgaJ@missouri.edu
Annie Hammock, New Media Direcor, KOMU-TV, 884-News, HammockL@missouri.edu

Required Texts

APStylebook: http://bit.ly/moapstylebook

Check the course schedule often. Links to occasional online readings will appear there.

You are expected to keep up with news from the print, online and on-air services of the Missourian, KOMU, KBIA and their local competitors. Class discussions will sometimes focus on that coverage.