• New school lunch requirements create waste, hungry kids

    School lunches

    A student’s tray full of food looks nearly the same as when it was purchased seconds before it is dumped into a trash can during lunch in New Franklin, Mo., Monday, Sept. 24, 2012. School officials are trying new strategies to combat the increase in waste.

    By Kelsey Kupferer, Chelsea Stuart and Kearston Winrow

    Remember those 20 days in 1981 when the Department of Agriculture considered making ketchup a vegetable in school lunches to help save money?  Those days are long gone.  With childhood obesity on the rise, the school lunch program is getting a makeover once again.

    New requirements from the USDA require an increase in fruits and vegetables and a decrease in grains and meat for students across the country.

    KBIA checked in with several mid-Missouri school districts where the new regulations have created an array of unintended consequences.

    Click here for the full report on KBIA.org.


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