• Convergence Reporting Story Pitch Form

    Discuss your story ideas with members of your team in advance of submitting them via email to the project managers email list.

    Think critically about the following questions, then for each story idea, copy this text with your answers into the body of a single email.  (The project managers should receive one email from a member of your group containing all three of your story pitches.)

    Make sure you use the correct subject line on the email: 4804 story pitches, Team number/Team Name  

    Send pitches in the body of the email.  This allows faculty to open your email and read everything immediately.

    Include full URLS. A lot of info can be gleaned from a URL, potentially making clicking unnecessary.

    DO NOT:
    Use an incorrect subject line.  Incorrect subject lines will result in a 2-point grade deduction.
    Send attachments.  This slows down faculty in reading pitch.
    Submit URLS as clickable headlines or as links within your text.

    Send email to: MUJourConvergenceProjectManagers@missouri.edu


    Members of your team: You only need to include this information once (not for each story idea)

    Subject/Slug: A slug is one or two words that summarize your story.  From the get go, this can help “sell” your story to editors.

    Based on our research so far, the headline for this story might read: (7-10 words, headlines have verbs)

    A summary of previous coverage of this story/issue:  Write a short summary of reporting that’s been done previously.  This should be no more than a paragraph long. What has been done on this before, who has covered it, provide links to that coverage.

    Based on our research so far, the story to be reported now is:  Describe what new is happening. If your story has had previous coverage, what will you bring to it that’s new than what you’ve told us above?

    The main central question we hope to answer is:  What is this story going to answer that people will actually want to know?

    This story is important because: This is ultimately a draft of your nut graf.  Tell us what makes this story impactful to your audience.

    Why this story at this time: Why makes your story timely?

    The potential sources/stakeholders in this story are:  Who is involved in the story?  Who is impacted by it?  Who would be interested in consuming it?  (You should have 3-4 people or groups ranked in order of importance – you should have called to talked to some of these people before submitting your pitch)

    The information you need to gather in order to tell this story effectively: Where are your sources for hard facts? What are some of the facts that you’ll build your story on?

    We have ALREADY CONTACTED the following sources for this story:
    Phone numbers:
    Email addresses:

    Which multimedia techniques do you envision will best tell the story?  What will be the most effective tool to tell this story? How do you plan to implement it? Why?

    Describe at least one potential secondary or tertiary component.  Map, list, info box, timeline, glossary, video, audio, photos, text, reporter’s notebook, extended raw interviews (video or audio), etc.

    Which newsroom would you suggest as the best to run this story?  KOMU, KBIA or the Missourian

    How did you come up with this idea?

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