• How to connect to the Classes Server

    While you work in your newsroom, you will keep a portfolio of the work you produce, writing a brief two-paragraph summary describing your experience. You will also save copies of scripts, photos, audio and video that you produce during your newsroom experience. This summary and saved work must be filed weekly in your personal folder on our J4804 folder on the classes server.

    Below you will find the address you need to connect based on the operating system you are running on your Mac.

    The first two options are what you’ll need to use if you’re connecting from a computer in the Futures Lab or 45 Walter Williams.


    The best way to open it using a Mac is using the Finder App.

    When asked for a username, enter TIGERS\your pawprint.  The password should be your network password.

    For instructions on how to connect using a PC, click here.

    Follow the example of the folder structure:

    4804-7804< !Finished Stories.

    This is the ONLY places that faculty will look to grade your finished work — if your work is NOT in your folder you will not receive credit for your work. If you plan on saving work from home you will need to download the free VPN client from DOIT.

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