• Connecting to the Classes Server From a PC

    Instructions for connecting to the Classes server from Windows:

    1). Click Start button at bottom left corner of the screen
    2). Click ‘Run’ item from Start Menu
    3). Next to the word ‘Open,’ type the following: \\col.missouri.edu\files\journalism\classes
    4). When prompted for Username, type TIGERS<student’s pawprint>  — make sure to type pawprint after the backslash following TIGERS
    5). Type Password for the pawprint you entered, in the space immediately below Username
    6). Double-click the Classes folder you want to connect to  (Example: J2150, then the J2150 Section A folder)

    ----------Posted on February 7, 2012 by in 2150, 4804, 4806, Convergence Resources, Help Files

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