• 7802 Course Assignments and Grading

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    Grades are based on professional standards, improvement, successful application of course teachings, and consistent effort. Assignments will not be accepted more than one week after the original due date.
    Your final grade in the course will be calculated according to these percentages:

    Blog Reflections, Tweets – 10%
    These will be graded on a 100/0 basis for each required blog entry, which should be posted on your WordPress (or other online) blog. Email your blog’s URL to your instructor in the first week of class, and then remember to Tweet a link to your post. Once you’ve Tweeted it, embed the Tweet at the bottom of the corresponding post. Both of these are due each week by the end of the day Sunday. If it’s late, you’ll be subject to the late penalty.

    Class Participation – 5%
    You will get all of these points if you show up on time, participate actively in the conversation, etc. If you repeatedly show up late, fail to pay attention and/or otherwise cause distractions then you might end up with negative points on this.

    Attendance policy

    Each student is allowed two absences, no questions asked. That means these absences can be for whatever reason, and you don’t need to justify it. For each class missed beyond those two, your participation grade will drop from an A to a C, and after that, to an F. If you have a prolonged illness or some extenuating circumstance, see your instructor immediately to work something out.

    Assignments – 75% (i.e., each assignment is 7.5% of your final grade)
    The main goal of this course is to learn by doing. The process of trial and error is an excellent way to learn. We also want to encourage experimentation. For that reason, each assignment will be done twice.
    >> The first time you will receive feedback (usually as part of class discussion) and also a numerical score that will be factored into the combined assignment grade.
    >> The second time you will be expected to incorporate feedback from the first pass. This work will be evaluated more thoroughly and a single combined grade (for both attempts at the assignment) will be recorded and count toward your final grade in the course. In general, you can expect points for each assignment to match the following scale:

    • There is no possible way this work could be done better. = 100
    • Wow, this is outstanding, as if done by someone in a professional newsroom. = 95
    • Good work for a beginner. = 85
    • Close, but not quite as good as we would hope to see at this point. Still, you did OK so you deserve a passing grade. = 75
    • This has at least something done right but needs significant improvement to be at a professional level. = 70
    • The teachings of this course are only minimally, if at all, represented here. = 65
    • Regardless of quality, you didn’t complete the assignment on time. = 60
    • You didn’t do the assignment at all, or it was done too late to get points. = 0

    The following are the regular assignments for the semester:

    1. Photography: Seeing Color
    2. Photography: Portraits
    3. Photography: Decisive moment
    4. Photography: 5 photos package*
    5. Audio Slideshow*
    6. Audio: Short audio clip
    7. Audio: NPR-style radio story*
    8. Video: Short video*
    9. Video: TV news-style story*
    10. Mobile reporting assignment

    Assignments will be turned in by posting them to your own individual website (which you will build the first weeks of the semester).
    This is real journalism, so ethical standards apply. A deliberate violation of journalistic ethics (e.g.: staging, fabrication of information, misleading sources, etc.) will result in a failing grade for an assignment and could also result in a failing grade for the class.

    Assignments with an * at the end are those which must feature your half-semester project topic.

    In journalism, DEADLINES MATTER. Any assignment turned in late but within three days of the deadline will receive an automatic score of 60. Any assignment turned in more than three days late will receive a 0 (zero) grade. Even if you are going to get zero points, you must complete each of the weekly assignments. Failure to complete any single weekly assignment may lead to a failing grade in the course.

    Reporter interview assignment – 10%

    To further your understanding of how all this works in the real world, you will track down and interview one or more working multimedia journalists and deliver a high-quality video report about that person’s work. For details on this assignment, click here.


    Your final grade in the class will use the formula above and be calculated as a percentage out of 100. Letter grades will then be assigned as follows:

    98.0 or above = A-plus
    93.0 – 97.999% = A
    90.0 – 92.999% = A-minus

    88.0 – 89.999%  = B-plus
    83.0 – 87.999% = B
    80.0 – 82.999% = B-minus

    78.0 – 79.999% = C-plus
    73.0 – 77.999% = C
    70.0 – 72.999% = C-minus

    69.999% or below = F

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