• Short video assignment – five-shot sequences with interview (7802)

    One of the most important things in gathering and editing video is to think about how specific shots are going to fit together to tell a story visually. That means thinking in terms of shot sequences.

    A sequence is a series of shots that work together to tell a story.

    Often in news stories it is best to build sequences that follow a logical time progression that moves in the direction of beginning-to-end. There are, of course, other approaches as well.

    Your assignment is to shoot, edit and post to your website a video that contains two clear five-shot sequences, along with one good piece of sit-down interview. The exact length of the video is up to you, so long as it meets the goal; however, do not exceed 90 seconds total.

    Your sequence shots should follow the basic five-shot sequence procedure outlined by Mindy McAdams. It’s all spelled out pretty clearly, so if you follow that process you should end up with a pretty good little piece of of video.

    The interview should be framed properly according to the broadcast standards for interviews taught in class and should have good, clean audio.

    The interview portion can go before, between, or after the two distinct shot sequences; or you may choose to layer the sequences over the interviewee’s talking. However you do it, at least five continuous seconds of the interview footage needs to appear onscreen in the finished assignment.

    In future class(es) we will discuss other types of shot sequences you might want to use later in your video storytelling.

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