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    Snap the Vote

    Client: Raycom Media Group (project manager — Bill Shory, News Director, WAVE-TV)

    Mentors:  RTV professor Elizabeth Frogge & Mike McKean

    Team: Maggie Duncan, Kat Jennings and Tana Kelley

    Raycom Media is an employee-owned, multi-platform company that owns or provides services for TV stations reaching 16 percent of American households.  Raycom announced this summer it was merging with Gray TV.

    This semester’s team will wrap up a capstone project begun last spring and continued through the summer by RJI Student Innovation Fellow Humera Lodhi: to craft Snapchat political coverage in an effort to educate first-time voters about issues important to them.  You will create non-partisan, issue-related Snaps using insights uncovered by our previous students.

    The 2018 U.S. Senate races in three states (Arizona, Indiana and Missouri) will serve as the subject matter for your stories.  You will work directly with Raycom stations in Tucson, AZ, Louisville, KY, Evansville, IN and Cape Girardeau, MO to execute and test your Snapchat work.

    Radio emergency readiness kit

    Client: Missourinet/Learfield Communications

    Mentor: RJI Executive Director Randy Picht

    Team: Hunter Bassler and Haley Broughton

    Local radio stations, especially in rural areas, are hubs of information before, during and after a natural disaster. This year, a federal law designated radio stations as “first responders.” Imagine, however, EMS or police officers arriving on the scene of an emergency without the tools and information they need.

    While a station serves its public with critical local information, staffers need to take breaks and handle incoming calls and technical duties in order to stay on the air. Ready-to-go audio content will enable broadcasters to step away from the microphone and take care of immediate needs, yet still provide listeners with life-saving information.

    The capstone team will:

    • Survey a select list of stations and broadcast professionals to determine basic content needs.
    • Gather existing materials- both audio and text-on the state and national level (FEMA, FCC, NAB, Homeland Security, Missouri Emergency Management, University of Missouri Extension, etc.);
    • Create scripts for audio programs and public service messages to be given to stations;
    • Organize the materials in an accessible, easy-to-use format so that stations can “plug and play” in times of disaster;
    • Help create the template, design and delivery of this kit, including an easy-to-identify name.

    Your client, Learfield, operates news, sports news and agriculture radio networks throughout the Midwest and in South Carolina. These networks provide content to a variety of radio stations and radio groups, from Entercom and iHeart to a locally-owned group like Zimmer in Columbia, Missouri. Missourinet, Learfield’s flagship radio network, provides news and sports news to 63 commercial stations statewide.

    Missourinet will offer access to network staff, a studio if needed, and introduction to affiliates who can be most helpful in advising the research team.  Ashley Byrd, Learfield’s national Director of News Services will assist in gathering content, introducing key contacts, and providing technical context for how the network transmits information and other support to the stations.

    Show Me the State: a new KBIA podcast

    Clients/mentors: KBIA News Director Ryan Famuliner & Reporter Kris Husted

    Team: Jamie Hobbs, Jiayi Shi, Betsy Smith and Tess Vrbin

    KBIA is launching a special reporting project that will explore Missouri’s strange and misunderstood past as it relates to the present. “TK” will clear up the fables and help explain why Missouri is the way it is. The main target audience is Missouri residents, but we’ll hope to pique the interest of any cultural aficionado who loves a good narrative.

    The program is modeled after KRCC’s Wish We Were Here. The episodes will air on KBIA and be released in as a podcast in spring 2019.

    Students on this team will work with News Director Ryan Famuliner and Project Host Kristofor Husted to pitch and research stories; conduct interviews; write, edit and produce episodes.

    The capstone team may also plan and host a community event to engage Missourians around these topics in-person in a meaningful way.

    Marketing new healthcare tech

    Clients: Product teams in MU’s bio-engineering capstone

    Mentors: Bio-engineering professor Ferris Pfeiffer, Marketing professor Wayne Keene, Theatre professor Suzanne Burgoyne and Mike McKean

    Team: DJ Pointer, Yixuan Wang and Melodie Zhao

    In a first-of-its-kind, multi-disciplinary capstone project, you will team up with students in bio-engineering and marketing to promote through digital media one or more innovative health care inventions being developed here at Mizzou.  What we learn from the experiment will be applied to plans for a new campus program to support student entrepreneurs.

    While the products haven’t yet been chosen, here are three from a list of likely finalists:

    • Develop a wheelchair assistive device for pediatric patients. Wheel chairs are typically designed for adult patients and then simply scaled to fit children. The device will allow these young patients to have more mobility and independence.
    • Develop wearable technology to assist with the prevention and therapeutic correction of flexion contractures in the hands of pediatric patients. Physical therapy with wearable devices has been shown to improve range of motion. However, such devices are not designed for young children with small hands.
    • Build a surgical chisel with controlled action to safely remove spinal bone spurs without fear of damaging nerves, blood vessels and other vital tissues.

    If you’re interested in business, medicine, science or social media, this is an excellent opportunity.

    News for young heartlanders

    Client: RJI Fellow Nico Gendron

    Mentors: Gendron and McKean

    Team: Brittany Mobley, Kaylin Burris and Di Pan

    Nico Gendron is coming to Mizzou from her most recent job as a brand strategist for The New York Times where she grew frustrated with the lack of consistent and nuanced coverage of America post the 2016 presidential election. She noticed that the coasts, particularly affluent cities like NYC, Washington, LA and SF, are represented most frequently in the media. The middle of the country is often left out of the news cycle. Furthermore, young voices from middle America are nearly nonexistent.

    Therefore, Gendron’s project will focus on gauging the media needs of the junior classes at nine high schools in the seven rural counties surrounding Boone County.

    The high schoolers will complete a survey, created with the assistance of the Listening Post Collective. The results will be compiled to identify students’ media literacy and needs (or lack thereof).

    None of the high schools in the counties surrounding Mizzou have a student newspaper. Interested students will be given the opportunity to conceive an original story and have it published in a receptive outlet (or in a digital anthology on Medium, like this one).

    Articles will be judged by a group of Missouri journalism professors with the participating students earning the chance to win either a $100 or $500 cash prize.

    The capstone team will work with Gendron on audience development, media insights/analytics and the “nitty gritty” process of helping high school students pitch, report and write an original piece of journalism.

    Individual capstone projects

    These four convergence students are working on individual projects in New York, Washington, DC and Seattle as RJI Innovation Fellows:

    Rachel Thomas will be part of Mic‘s Product team where she will help engineers use emerging technologies such as virtual reality and tap-through technology to tell stories.

    Meg Cunningham will cover the midterm elections from the ABC News Washington Bureau.

    Kyra Haas will fact-check politicians and candidates and tag fake news stories  at PolitiFact.

    Hannah Rodriguez will produce videos and other multimedia content for the Seattle Times.

    Last semester’s projects here.

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