• Breaking the ice portrait assignment (7802)

    (Adapted from an assignment by David Rees, chair of the Photojournalism faculty)

    Think about your personal background and where you will find people who will be like you. Also think about those who would be different from you in age, gender, ethnicity, race, etc., and where you would go to meet them.

    Determine a plan to introduce yourself to six people you’ve never met before. Some should be “similar” to you, but more of them should be, on the surface at least, very different from you.

    Now go out into Columbia, the countryside or any other Boone County town. Interview the six people (and take notes), and make a picture of each (you should take multiple frames of each person). For your caption information be sure to spell her/his name correctly, record direct quotes and gather other relevant information, including the person’s age (which should be included in the caption; set off by commas after the name, e.g.: Jane Doe, 22, ….). Also, be sure to get phone number or email address in case you want to verify information or ask additional questions.

    Take two kinds of photos: medium shots, where your subject is the primary focus set against a distinct backdrop that (ideally) tells us something about her/him; and tight shots, where you fill the frame with only the head and shoulders of a person (composed vertically, i.e., turn the camera sideways).

    Choose three of your best shots of three different people — including at least one tight shot — to submit.

    Next, write a brief paragraph about each subject.

    Once you have everything ready go…

    • Size your photos in Photoshop so that they are 5 inches on the longest side and a resolution of 150 ppi. (We will learn to do this in class)
    • Each photo needs a caption. Write the captions in a text file, then copy and paste each photo’s caption information into the “File Info…” in Photoshop. (Keep the text file because you’ll need the caption text for your Web page.)
    • Save the three photo files in the a folder named “(LASTNAME)_PORTRAIT1” or “(LASTNAME)_PORTRAIT2” inside your folder on the Classes server (smb://doit-bfs1.col.missouri.edu/journalism/Classes).
    • Place the photos along with the text of the captions on your website. You can choose either to embed the photos directly onto a page on your site or you can first upload them to Flickr and then embed them. You can choose to make a gallery for the assignment, too, if you prefer.
    • Be sure to make sure everything is appearing correctly out on the Internet before the start of class.

    Also, you will need to write a self-critique about the assignment discussing what you learned about photography and about how you interact with people who are different from you. (You can either post this critique to your blog, or email it to your instructor. This is due at the same time as the assignment, and it only applies to Seeing Color A.)

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