• Audio slide show assignment (7802)

    Your goal is to use Photoshop and Final Cut Pro to produce an audio slide show that combines well-edited audio with a solid collection of still images to tell a good story.

    To understand what “good story” means exactly, see this post about making good audio slideshows.

    The show must be between 1:00 and 1:30, include material from one or more interviews, and contain natural sound.

    There is no set number of pictures you may use, but the rule-of-thumb is about 5 seconds per image. But that is a guideline and if every picture is on screen for exactly 5 seconds, the show could get boring. So adjust the pacing as appropriate. And you should not use any vertical images.

    Remember to use a variety of camera subject distances in your show. Lots of tight shots will help the pacing of the show. Redundancy in the images, on the other hand, will drag it down.

    Use a lower-third text feature to identify the person we hear speaking if there is more than one voice heard in the piece. The lower third should have the person’s name on the first line, then title and/or organization on the second line:

    Other text you will need to pay attention to: Headline and credit. (Although there should be no text screens in your slideshow.)

    You’ll also need to write an introductory paragraph (similar to a caption) that goes on  your web page and explains to the viewer what your slideshow is about. This should be written with active voice. The goal is to make the viewer want to click on your show and watch it. Make sure you include the text file along with your project on the Classes server.

    You must submit your audio files and images separate from your final edited piece, and make sure your Final Cut bundle is saved as well. All elements should be saved in the same folder on the Classes server. The photos should have caption info embedded into each photo file.

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