• 10 Commandments of Getting Good Sound

    The Ten Commandments of Recording

    1. Thou shall always record one minute of ambience

    2. Thou shall keep the mic in the same place when recording that ambience.

    3. Thou shall not walk on the end of sound bites.

    4. Thou shall always wear your headphones and keep them clean.

    5. Thou shall shun the evil hums of: fluorescents, computers, fridges etc…

    6. Thou shall not interview people with music playing in the background.

    7. Thou shall always have the interview pronounce their first, last names and title.

    8. Thou shall always check the tape before you depart a scene.

    9. Thou shall mic close to the interviewee.

    10. Thou shall get another minute of ambience just in case.

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