• Default Sony Video Camera Settings

    Sony camera settings

    The Sony HVR-A1U


    Most of the controls for the camera are in the menus, which are operated from the fold-out LCD screen.


    When you fold the screen out, it looks like this. In addition to accessing the menu (P-MENU button) you also can control taping. This is the screen in camera tape mode.


    Pressing the P-MENU button brings up this screen. From here, press the MENU button.

    In the menu, scroll to the STANDARD SET menu. It has a gajillion settings. You'll only need to know a few.

    Scroll down and select REC FORMAT.

    Select "DV SET" Your record mode is DV CAM

    The country is moving to HD TV and wide format aspect ratio. Still in the DV SET area, set the camera to 16:9 wide.

    The audio setting is FS48K, which is 16-bit audio.

    Now move down to XLR SET.

    You want to adjust the audio levels manually. Go to CH1, hit the OK button.

    This is the window you'll see. Select MANUAL, then use the - or + to adjust the audio. Make sure there's talking or ambient sound when you're setting the levels!  Repeat the same process for CH2.

    You want to be able to adjust the channels of audio separately, so which option do you think you should choose?

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