• Recording Phone Interviews Using Google Voice

    Google Voice is a powerful free service with many benefits; from call screening to call conferencing, transcoding voice mail messages into text for delivery via email and SMS, and providing one number that can be set to ring to any or all of the phones in your life.

    Best of all for us, Google Voice makes it possible to record interviews with any phone, and promptly delivers .mp3 files into your in-box, which can be downloaded, emailed, and more.

    The .mp3 files produced by Google Voice can then be imported into Adobe Audition and many other editing programs.

    You can apply for a Google Voice account at: http://www.google.com/googlevoice/students.html


    In many cases, you will get an email “invitation” with further instructions within about 24 hours.

    A link in the email will lead you through the process. You can apply the Google Voice invitation to any existing Google or Gmail account. Otherwise, you will have to register for a new Google account. That simple, menu-driven process takes only a few minutes.

    Setting up you Google Voice account will prompt you to select a new phone number via area code or zip code. Alternatively, you can search for words your new number might spell out.

    It will be necessary for your subjects to dial your Google Voice number before you can record them, so think about an area code that is most likely a local call for most of your sources.

    When your source dials your Google Voice number and you answer, you can then begin recording by pressing the “4” button on your telephone. You will hear an announcement when the call recording begins. Stop recording by pressing the “4” again.

    *Federal and state wiretap laws may require consent by one or all parties.
    Always inform your callers of your intention to record. Do not proceed without their consent. After the recording begins, identify all parties in detail, and the purpose of your interviews, and request and confirm their consent again before continuing the conversation.

    Soon after completing your call, you will find a new entry in your Google Voice In-box, containing the .mp3 recording of your call.

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