• How to Setup and Use a Wireless Mic

    How to setup and use a wireless mic:
    When you first check out the mic, check to make sure you have all the parts you need. That includes the right connector to plug the mic (receiver) into your Marantz or video camera. Practice connecting and using the equipment in the lab to make sure it all works and you know how to connect it before heading out.

    STEP 1: Figure out which is transmitter and which is receiver.


    –Each piece says what it is on the back

    –Receiver jack says “AF out”; transmitter jack says “Mic Line.”

    Receiver imageTransmitter image

    STEP 2: Plug stuff in.

    Plug mic into Mic Line on transmitter.

    Plug three-prong XLR connector cable into AF OUT on receiver. Then plug that cable’s XLR plug into the Marantz (or video camera).

    STEP 3: Load batteries/Turn the receiver and transmitter on.Mic buttons image

    Press side buttons on the front door to swing it open.

    Load batteries if needed.

    Press “ON/OFF” button.

    The red light should go on. Although it is under the words LOW BAT, as long as the light stays on (and is not flashing) you have enough battery power.

    The green light on the receiver should light up (if settings are all set correctly).

    STEP 4: Check the settings.

    The Channel and Frequency number should match on both the receiver and transmitter. Start with the RECEIVER.
    Press SET button. A word will appear on the screen. This word represents one of the setting options.
    Press the ROCKER ARROWS to shuffle through these setting options:

    • Find TUNE. Hit the set button and you’ll see a number. Use the arrows to adjust the number to equal the same number as the transmitter. Press the Set button again.
    • Use the rocker arrows to find CHANNEL. Hit the set button to see what the number is. Again, make sure the number matches the transmitter. Press the Set button.
    • Find FREQUENCY. Press the Set button to see what the number is. Again, make sure they match. Press set button.
    • Find SQUELCH. Hit set and you’ll notice you have choice of Low, Middle or High. Choose Low. Hit Set button.
    • Find PILOT. Hit the set button. If it does not say PLT.ON, then hit the rocker arrows until you see that (along with the word Pilot in a black box at the bottom of the display), then hit the set button again.
    • Find AF-OUT (on receiver) (this corresponds to SENSIT on transmitter). Hit set.
      AF-OUT (receiver) should be minus-12.
      SENSIT (transmitter) should be minus-30db.
    • Cycle around the setting options until you see EXIT. Hit enter.

    You can check the same things on the Transmitter in the same way.
    [SENSIT should be minus-30db.]

    Again, check the two windows to make sure the settings match on receiver and transmitter and that the green light on the receiver is lit up.

    STEP 5: Record your audio.

    STEP 6: Turn off both receiver and transmitter.

    Hold down the On/Off button for several seconds until it switches off.


    **Coil the cords neatly. If there was a twist tie holding the cord in a neat bundle, please reuse it.

    **The lights:

    –On Transmitter, you’ll get solid light for RF.

    –On Receiver, you’ll get AF peak light on if there’s too much volume coming through the system. You can compensate for this by using a lower AF-OUT setting on the Receiver.

    **For TV interviews, people will see the wire going down the person’s front. So… ask your source to feed the wire under his or her clothing. Demonstrate for them how you want them to do this, then give them a little privacy to put the wire under their clothing.

    Created by R. Stern as explained by L. Kraxberger 9-30-08

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