• The Perfectionist – Case study

    The Perfectionist

    For several years, you’ve watched an employee (June) in your group perform excellent work.  She has been an outstanding copy editor and has asked many times to try her hand at reporting for your online news group.

    You’ve been thinking about creating a new biography section for your site with some interactive elements about people who are outstanding leaders in your community.

    The biography section is a long way from launch – but you feel with coaching June could begin to do some of the preliminary work of gathering content, collecting facts about some different people in your community and writing up mini-bio’s.  At the very least, you’ll have some rough content to play around with for a proto-type section.  You also need to have some still photographs to use in the site.  June hasn’t taken photographs before, but since it’ll just be prototype content, you’re not concerned that she hasn’t used the camera before.

    Rather than putting one of your regular reporters on the task, you assign June to the job.  She seems eager and plans to start right away.  A few days later, she comes to your office with a list of questions about what you want.  You clarify that this is a rough draft of sorts, but that her work will help you decide whether she’s ready for bigger projects.

    Days later, you notice June seems to be ducking out whenever you come into the main newsroom.  You think she’s avoiding you, so you call her in to check on her progress.  She gives you a detailed list with all of the people she’s contacted, the photos she plans to take and the questions she still wants to ask before she can settle down to writing the briefs.

    For Discussion:

    What’s going on with June?

    Was this task too big for someone who has expressed an interest in doing reporting and writing in the newsroom?

    What are some options you might have for moving ahead with this project?

    What are some options you might have for working with June?

    What are the potential repercussions of your different options?

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