• Short audio assignment (7802)

    For the first audio assignment, you will create a piece of edited audio and post it to your website. Specifically…

    • Interview one person related to your ongoing story/topic. (It might help to have a short phone or in-person conversation in advance to verify that the person will be a good talker.) Keep the recorded interview to about 6-8 minutes maximum.
    • Gather about 1:30 of natural sounds related to the scene/activity.
    • Record a full 30 seconds of “room tone,” a.k.a. ambiance or ambient sound.

    Record no more than 10 minutes of audio total (remember, you have to edit this stuff!). Then…

    • Create a cogent 45-second to 1-minute clip that contains only pieces of what your interview subject said (known as “actualities,” a.k.a. soundbites) and some natural sounds, edited together in a way that makes sense and/or tells a story. Assemble short pieces from the interview rather than just putting in a long stretch of unedited audio. We should not hear your voice anywhere in this piece.
    • Export the finished audio into an .mp3 file, and place it within your folder on the Classes server, in a folder called “(LASTNAME)_SHORTAUDIO1” and “(LASTNAME)_SHORTAUDIO2.”
    • Upload the audio to your website, along with a text intro.
      • The text intro is like a caption on a photo: It should explain what a listener is going to get if he/she pushes the play button. The name, title, etc., of the person speaking will go in that intro, rather than having the person say it in the audio. That gives you more time in the audio for the person to say more interesting things.
      •  Audio (or video) intro type should end with the length of the clip in parentheses. That way users know what they are committing to before they click play. For example, a 60-second clip’s intro would end with what comes after this sentence. (1:00)
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