• Using Marantz recorders & microphones to collect audio

    How to record using the Marantz digital audio recorder.

    • Make sure you have 4 AA batteries marantznegative
    (the lab won’t supply these for you)

    • We supply the CF card that records the audio.
    (a 256mb card will hold 8 hours of audio at the setting we recommend .wav mono 64kbps)

    • Never remove a compact flash card while the recorder is turned on!

    • Never remove a compact flash card while you’re recorder is still loading/storing data.

    • Always reformat your card before you start a new record project.

    Turning the recorder on:
    On/Off button is on right side of deck.
    You’ll see a display that says: “Loading.”
    Then you’ll see the last settings used on the recorder.

    How to format a card in the Marantz flash recorder: marantz
    Formatting a card: (this will ERASE all previously recorded information on your card!)

    1. While in stop, push and hold the SHIFT button then push the MENU/STORE EDIT button. “Trk Erase” will appear in the display.
    2. Push the Fast forward/Rewind button until “Format” is displayed.
    3. Push the ENTER (play/pause) button. The display switches to “OK?” flashing.
    4. Push the ENTER (play/pause) button.

    “Executing” will be displayed until Format is finished. Then “Completed” will be displayed.


    1. Press menu/store/edit button. (2nd button from left below)


    ***If you get to any button and don’t know what you’re doing and don’t want to mess anything up you can simply hit the Stop(cancel) button.***

    2. Preset 1 will flash as an option.

    3. Press the “play”(pause/enter) button.

    4. Now, you may either press menu/store edit to save
    5. use the fast forward/rewind keys to double-check menu items

    6. when you are finished adjusting settings press Menu/Store Edit

    Setting and resetting menu items using fast forward/rewind keys:
    Each time an item name appears, you can select it by pressing the “play”(pause/enter) buttton. Then you can see available options by using fast forward/rewind keys. To change a setting use the “play”(pause/enter) key. To escape press “stop”(cancel).

    These are our lab default settings:

    Input – This is very important. If you’re recording from an external microphone, this should be set to “Mic.” If you are recording off of the condenser microphones built in to the recorder, this should be set on “int mic.” If you have plugged some external device (like a telephone line) into the deck, you should set the deck input to “line.”

    Output – SP/HP+Line

    Rec Format – KBIA requests that you use the .wav format for all recording. .Wav files are slightly larger than .mp3, so if you are not recording for a KBIA story and you need to save space – go with .mp3.

    MP3-44.1K (this is the most compressed and will give the most time for your card, but will still allow you to record high quality audio)

    AutoTrack – Off

    Rec Channel – Mono (you don’t need to record one person’s voice in stereo)

    Lev Control – Manual (you should be able to turn the little knob on the front (not top) of your recorder to control mic input levels. You’ll also see input levels on the front.

    Meter Mode – should be set at normal — means you’ll see the levels as little lights in the front of the recorder

    Mic atten – set at 0db

    Auto Power Off – should be “on” (to save batteries the deck will automatically turn off if it hasn’t been used for 15 minutes)

    Battery – alkaline

    Beep – on

    Recording using the Marantz digital audio recorder:

    When using the external mic – plug it into the Left Channel that’s labeled “mono” on the back (29, below) of the recorder.


    Now, you’re ready to test your equipment and check your record levels.
    Press the red button. You should see your levels as little lights on the front end. You can adjust the recording level in the front with the dial.

    Your speaker PLAYBACK volulme control is on the left side of the recorder. You should turn the speaker down when you’re recording to prevent feedback.

    I can’t hear my audio!

    1. Check your input and output menu settings
    2. Press Menu/store/edit
    3. Press Play/pause/enter (preset 1)
    4. Press the fast foward button until you see “input”
    5. Press Play/pause/enter — you’ll see either “mic” “line” or “int. mic”
    6. Fast forward to cycle through to the correct setting (mic for external mic, plugged into mono, i. mic for internal mic through the recorder, line for a telephone line plugged into the recorder)
    7. Press Play/pause/enter to select
    8. fast/foward or rewind to find “output” – using the same method as above, this setting should be on: SP/HP+Line.
    9. Press menu/store/edit to keep the settings and record/playback correctly.

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