• Connecting to Parallels

    At times, we may need to use applications that operate only in a Windows environment. We can emulate Windows on our Macs with the use of Parallels Desktop.

    To launch Parallels, click on the red Parallels icon on the Apple dock.


    Next, you will see a Windows desktop appear within the Apple desktop.


    Cancel out of any update and security scan windows which may appear.

    Click and use Windows applications within the Windows desktop. Be careful to notice separate drop menus for Parallels at the top of the screen, and for the active application at the top of the application screen.


    When exiting a Windows application, it is important to also exit Windows and Parallels.

    Click the Windows “start” menu and click “Shut Down.”


    Click “OK” to confirm shutdown. (Do not install updates.)


    Finally, right-click on the Parallels (iMac) icon on the Apple dock to quit.


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