• 4806/7806 Schedule – FS18

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    **MW Classes are in Strickland Hall 209; Friday classes in Tucker Forum**

    Monday, August 20: Introduction

    Meet your faculty and find out what you’ll be doing in the Convergence Editing and Producing course.


    Wednesday August 22: Introduction to Project Managing

    What you need to do to be an effective project manager.

    Friday, August 24: How to help find stories

    How can you help your teams find stories without giving stories to them?

    Monday, August 27: Coaching

    How do you make a story better? What are the questions you should ask and the holes you should look for?

    Wednesday, August 29: Off for PMing Camp Convergence

    Friday, August 31: The Portfolio Project

    Here’s your chance to show the world everything you’ve learned. The Portfolio Project will take 2/3 of the semester, be multi-faceted and be good enough to anchor your professional portfolio.

    Monday, September 3: No Class- Labor Day

    Tuesday September 4: PGS

    Wednesday, September 5: Management lessons learned

    What did you learn managing students in Camp Convegence? How can it be applied to your future reporting and project managing?


    Friday September 7: Managing all Directions

    How to effectively manage your team and your faculty — and eventually your co-workers and your bosses.

    Monday September 10: PGS

    Wednesday September 12: Portfolio Project Pitch Review

    Friday September 14: Grading

    Monday, September 17: PGS

    Wednesday, September 19: Tommy Tomlinson

    Storytelling is at the heart of what we do. Tommy Tomlinson is one of America’s great storytellers and will share some hints.

    Friday, September 21: Grading

    Monday, September 24: PGS

    Wednesday, September 26: How news outlets use their time?

    How a newscast is stacked or how a newspaper homepage is laid out tells us a lot about the priorities of a news outlet. If your last name starts with a letter A-I, you’ll watch Tuesday’s 10 p.m., news on KOMU and write down each story. J-P, you’ll watch KMIZ’s 10 p.m., newscast and do the same. Q-Z, you’ll watch KRCG’s and do the same.

    Friday, September 28: Grading

    Monday, October 1: PGS

    Wednesday, October 3: Hannah Schmidt

    Online producing is one of more popular career fields for Convergence grads. KSHB-TV senior digital producer Hannah Schmidt will give us some insight into what that looks like.

    Friday, October 5: Grading

    Monday, October 8, PGS

    Wednesday, October 10: Convergence skills in jobs

    How you can use the skills you’ve learned throughout the convergence program in an array of jobs.

    Friday, October 12: Grading

    Monday, October 15: PGS

    Wednesday, October 17: OFF for Missouri Honor Medals

    Friday, October 19: Grading

    Monday, October 22: PGS

    Wednesday, October 24: Portfolios

    You’ll need to have an online portfolio to make it out of the J-School and probably to find a job. So that starts now, if it hasn’t already. We’ll take a look at portfolios, good and bad.

    Friday, October 26: Grading

    Monday, October 29: PGS

    Wednesday, October 31: Resumes

    It’s your professional story. How do you want to tell it?You’ll send us your resume by 11:59 p.m., on Tuesday and we’ll critique it during class on Wednesday.

    Friday, November 2: Portfolio project due, 6 p.m.

    Monday, November 5: PGS

    Wednesday, November 7: Cover letters

    It’s your foot in the door and your first impression. What you write in that cover letter is pretty important.

    Friday, November 9: Grading

    Monday, November 12: PGS

    Wednesday, November 14: Interview questions

    “So, where do you want to be five years from now?” We’ll help you with that answer and others in this class.

    Friday, November 16: Grading

    Saturday, November 17- Saturday, November 24: Thanksgiving break

    Monday, November 26: PGS

    Wednesday, November 28: You will get a job

    Sometimes that first job seems so far away. You’ll hear from some people not unlike you — just a couple semesters ahead — about how they found a job.

    Portfolio website due, 6 p.m.

    Friday, November 30: Grading

    Monday, December 3: Evaluations

    Wednesday, December 5: Wildcard

    Friday, December 7: Optional grading



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