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    It’s time for you to build a portfolio-worthy project. Something you can call your own. Over the course of the semester, you’re going to build and design a multimedia project. The project topic is your choice, something that you should be invested in. Stories that work well in two parts tend to look at multiple sides of an issue, or the same issue told through multiple characters in different characters. The two stories should work together but be able to stand separately.


    1. You can do this as an individual project or as a team of two.
    2. You will pitch (using this pitch form) a two-part package for either KBIA, KOMU or the Missourian.
    3. Each story in the package will include:
      1. Two deeply-sourced, fully produced audio or video pieces of at least three minutes.
      2. Two text stories with multiple sources of at least 400 words.
      3. At least three supporting images.
      4. Two social videos


    Jan. 29 : In-class discussion of the project
    Feb 2: Teams need to be set
    Feb. 16: Pitches due
    Feb. 27: Reporting check-in with editors
    April 3 and 4:  Rough cut screenings, 5:30 p.m., App Dev Lab
    April 27: Final versions due, 6 p.m.

    Here’s an example of the type of stories that we’re looking for.


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