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    Missouri Health Talks

    Client: KBIA

    Mentors: Ryan Famuliner and Rebecca Smith

    Team: Lydia Birt, Lydia Nusbaum and Brooke Semke

    Missouri Health Talks” is KBIA’s newest project. Inspired by StoryCorps, it documents conversations between Missourians about their experiences and access to health care.

    Students on this team will work with News Director Ryan Famuliner and KBIA Health Reporter Rebecca Smith to arrange, produce and distribute the content for the project, with a  goal to reach at least six new rural counties in the state this semester.

    The capstone team will also work to plan and implement numerous community events that seek to engage Missourians around these issues in-person in meaningful ways.

    Browser-based VR editing with Fader

    Client: Vragments, CEO and founder Linda Rath-Wiggins

    Mentor: Mike McKean

    Team: Katie Hughes, Alex Li and Katie Parkins

    Vragments is a Berlin-based virtual reality company. Vragments produces VR content in collaboration with newsrooms (e.g. in Germany with public national radio station Deutschlandfunk Kultur and local public broadcaster rbb.  Vragments has also worked with The Center for Investigative Reporting on a 360 story.

    The startup is building a VR tool for journalists who want to create their 360 stories very easily and very fast. Users can sign up for the prototype here. Vragments is building this tool in collaboration with France-based Euronews and Germany-based Deutsche Welle. Euronews launched a few 360 stories on Fader covering the French presidential elections and climate change.

    The capstone team will work with Vragments to produce VR stories with Fader, train other J-School students on how to use the tool and provide the company with feedback on how to improve Fader and get it in the hands of more journalists.

    Defending science

    Client: Science Friday, RJI Fellow Christian Skotte

    Mentor: Mike McKean

    Team: Aleissa Bleyl, Katelyn Brown and Emily Shepherd

    In partnership with Factcheck.org, Science Friday intends to create at least five short, social-only “just-the-facts” resources on contentious scientific issues such as climate change, GMOs, vaccines, and stem cell research. The resources will be visually compelling, providing a quick look at the issues in question and will be designed to stand out in a world whose visual vocabulary is dominated by memes with questionable accuracy. We will decide which topics to cover by taking some of the most frequently asked questions from Science Friday’s audience and using Factcheck.org’s Scicheck articles to address those questions.

    The capstone team will work with SciFri’s co-director and head of digital Christian Skotte to assist with development and promotion of the content then help determine how best to measure the impact of these resources and share the results with the news industry.

    Voice computing with Alexa skills

    Client: RJI

    Mentors: Senior Video Editor Kathleen Duncan and Lead Developer Shawn Moore

    Team: Jasmine Li and Lauren Wrigley

    Voice computing is growing in popularity with the success of Amazon’s Alexa and competition from Google Assistant, Apple Siri and Microsoft Cortana.  CNN, the BBC, NPR and the Washington Post are among the news leaders creating interactive content for Alexa.

    The capstone team will work with RJI’s Futures Lab to develop one or more Amazon Alexa “skills” to support voice-enabled content.  The project will involve:

    • Learning how to develop news content with the Alexa Skills Kit
    • Researching best practices and new opportunities for voice-based news delivery
    • Editing and prototyping practice content from the Futures Lab Update archives
    • Preparing an Alexa skill to be launched with the re-imagined Futures Lab Update in January
    • Creating a segment for the show that focuses on what you’ve learned that would be of benefit to RJI’s audience of news professionals.

    In-depth programming knowledge is NOT required, though experience coding and modifying HTML, CSS and javascript are beneficial.

    Last semester’s projects here.

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