• 4992 Projects and Teams: Spring 2017

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    PolitiFact promise tracking: the Trump-O-Meter

    Client: Aaron Sharockman, Executive Director, PolitiFact

    Mentor: Mike McKean

    Team: Jon Doty, Rachel Foster-Gimbel, Anel Ganic & Uliana Pavlova

    PolitiFact, the Pulitzer Prize-winning fact-checker, is launching on January 17th the Trump-O-Meter to track how well the new president is following through on key campaign promises.

    Last semester, capstoners Lindsay Gloor, Ginger Hervey and Samantha Kummerer, working with Executive Director Aaron Sharockman and the PolitiFact staff, produced social-friendly videos and infographics to accompany and drive traffic to text-based reports on the PolitiFact site.

    This semester we’ll start the critical work of seeing whether Trump delivers on what he promised. Capstone team members will monitor the president’s progress on 100 key promises and create content that rates them as In the Works, Stalled, Compromise, Broken or Kept. Tracking those promises will require research, original reporting, social and multimedia work. Once again, Aaron Sharockman and his staff will guide your efforts.

    The team also will help develop a long-term plan using Missouri School of Journalism students in our DC bureau to maintain and expand the Trump-O-Meter over the next four years.

    The Chisel: driving bipartisan solutions

    Clients: TheChisel founder Deborah Devedjian and Chief Policy Officer Lisa Goldman Forgang

    Mentor: Reuben Stern

    Team: Claire Kopsky, George Schramm, Chelsea Vaughn & Songxin Xie

    For this project you will work alongside a professional team at TheChisel. Your mission will be to get young people informed and engaged in a new way with public policy ideas that could help shape the future of our country. During your capstone, your team will develop and test engagement strategies and implement your ideas in real time over the course of the semester.

    TheChisel is a social media company that offers a unique, proprietary online platform that simultaneously informs and involves the public to find workable solutions to our biggest societal challenges. How does it work?  First, experts from nonpartisan organizations and bipartisan coalitions post their proposals; then they engage the public in dialogue, refine proposals, build consensus through voting—and send these proposals to Congress. The growing list of topics includes student debt, family leave, infrastructure, the income tax, and campaign finance.

    Members in Columbia will collaborate with Claire who’s working at TheChisel’s offices in NYC as part of the School’s New York Program.

    14ymedio: launching a membership model for Cuban news service

    Client and mentor: Alejandro Gonzalez, Director of Development and Innovation

    Team: Grace Hase & Dorothy Sedovic

    How do we turn readers into active champions of a news organization?

    In 2014 14ymedio made history by launching Cuba’s first independent digital news outlet. They are now on a journey to grow it and sustain it. Students will work with RJI Fellow Alejandro Gonzalez to help launch a new membership model. The team will develop and test a marketing plan to attract new members.

    This capstone will be very hands-on. Spanish language proficiency preferred. Google Analytics skills needed. Social media storytelling is a plus.

    Scopio: improving engagement with UGC

    Client: Founder Christina Hawatmeh and content editor Marlee Ellison

    Mentor: Matt Dulin

    Team:Kaveh Kardan, Xin Liu, Miko Qian & Kexin Sun

    The Founder of Gawker recently said the organization and placement of user generated content is today’s biggest challenge.  People engage with user-generated images 40 times more than they do with stock images, with commensurate engagement on all channels. Our decisions are inspired by photos and videos that others create and share on social media.

    Scopio aims to be the Getty Images of UGC. Publishers can seamlessly search the startup’s platform for the most relevant photos and videos for their business, license them from the original authors, publish them on their website or in their marketing campaigns, and pull insights that offer a better way to engage with their audiences.

    This project will help two publications – The Columbia Missourian and the City of Saint Louis’s Explore Saint Louis – improve their discovery, licensing and measurement of UGC images via Scopio. The capstone team will coordinate with Matt Dulin’s engagement class on the Missourian side of the project.

    Scopio is the recipient of an Arch Grant, and is currently a part of 500 Startups. Hawatmeh holds a Master’s of International Affairs from Columbia University. Ellison earned her BJ in magazine journalism from Mizzou in December.

    Launching the T/F podcast

    Clients: KBIA and True/False Film Fest

    Mentor: Ryan Famuliner

    Team: Todd Chen, Hailey Godburn, Danielle Hogerty & Calli Luna

    KBIA is collaborating with the True/False Film Festival to create a podcast centered around the topic of documentary journalism. The podcast will consist of interviews with documentary makers, conducted by KBIA and True/False staff, as well as some other wonk an whimsy you’d expect from the partner organizations. This project is not yet released.

    Last fall a team from our class began the project by doing basic podcast research, helping produce a few sample episodes and creating some help help files.

    This second semester capstone will involve students on the team coordinating and producing more podcasts ahead of the launch during the Festival in early March. The capstone will also help research and plan the best strategies for release and promotion of the podcast, and assist with the implementation of those strategies. Then, further podcast production will take place, using material gathered at the festival.

    Citizen journalism partnerships for Cox newspapers

    Client: Tim Burke, Publisher, Palm Beach Post, Multi-market Vice-President for Content

    Mentor: Mark Hinojosa

    Team: Megan Sheets, Mitchel Summers, Joyce Tao & VK Xu

    Cox Media Group is a cross-platform media company based in Atlanta that owns four major U.S. newspapers: the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Austin American-Statesman, the Dayton Daily News and the Palm Beach Post.

    Cox VP Tim Burke would like the team to assess all four markets for the best opportunities to link up with citizen journalists. This includes a deep dive into the local blogging scenes in Atlanta, Austin, Dayton and Palm Beach. Who are the most active, popular or intriguing bloggers? What incentives and workflows would lead to effective partnerships?

    The team will consult with Burke and designated staff in each newsroom, then recommend and model the most effective ways to engage local content creators.

    Last semester’s projects here.

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