• 4806/7806 Schedule – FS17

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    **Classes are in Agriculture 2-10 unless otherwise noted**

    Mon. Aug. 21 
    Topic/Subject: Introductions. Expectations. Syllabus review. Getting Started.
    Lecturers: Judd Slivka and Mark Hinojosa

    Meet your faculty and find out what you’ll be doing in the Convergence Editing and Reporting course.
    QUIZ: Quiz No. 1  will be open on Blackboard from 9 a.m. today until 6 p.m, Friday, August 25.

    Wed. Aug. 23

    Topic/Subject: Intro to project managing
    Judd Slivka and Mark Hinojosa

    Thurs. Aug. 24

    Convergence Media Credentials: Come by the Futures Lab between 10:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. to have your photo taken for a media credential if you need them..

    Fri. Aug. 25 
    Topic/Subject: Intro to project management 2
    What you need to do to be an effective project manager.
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka, Mark Hinojosa

    CAMP CONVERGENCE ASSIGNMENT 1 (to manage) : Audio and still photography

    Futures Lab Dress Code


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    Mon. Aug. 28
    Topic/Subject: How to coach a story
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka, Mark Hinojosa
    How do you make a story better? What are the questions you should ask and the holes you should look for?

    Wed. Aug. 30

    Topic/Subject: How to tell a story
    Lecturer: Tommy Tomlinson

    Storytelling is at the heart of what we do. Tommy Tomlinson is one of America’s great storytellers and will share some hints.

    CC Deadline Day 1-1 (Bluford)

    Camp Convergence Assignment 2 (to manage): Video Assignment

    Thurs. Aug. 31: CC Deadline Day 1-2 (Gaines)

    Fri. Sep. 1

    OFF for CC1 deadline day


    Quiz No. 2 due in Blackboard, 6 p.m.,9/1


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    Mon. Sept. 4

    Labor Day: No class

    Wed. Sept. 6

    Topic/Subject: Blogging
    Lecturer: Mark Hinojosa

    Blogging is more than just writing. It’s defining a personal brand and an expertise.

    CC Deadline Day 2-1 (Gaines)

    Thurs. Sept. 7

    Camp Convergence No. 2 CC Deadline Day 2-2 (Bluford)

    Fri. Sept. 8

    OFF, but work with your 4804 students for Camp Convergence No. 2.


    Quiz No. 3 due in Blackboard, 6 p.m., 9/8

    Week 4

    Mon. Sept. 11

    Pitch review, Bluford 1

    Wed. Sept. 13

    Topic/Subject: Building packages
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka

    The package is the whole box of content. We’ll talk about how to target content for the right channel — and how to get all those channels working together.

    Fri. Sept. 15


    Quiz 4 due in Blackboard, 6 p.m., 9/15

    Week 5

    Mon. Sept. 18

    Pitch review, Gaines 1

    Wed. Sept. 20

    Topic/Subject: How to deal with problem employees
    Lecturer: Mark Hinojosa

    Every newsroom has that employee: The cranky, unhappy miserable person who constantly throws a wrench into works. We’ll talk about how to manage that person.

    HOMEWORK: Newsroom scenarios for next week

    The Perfectionist
    Managing the Third Floor Team (Lundin, Paul and Christiansen)
    Case studies by Charles Warner – choose “When Mediocrity Meets Tragedy”
    Case studies by Charles Warner – choose “Creative Casey: disciplining a star reporter”

    Thurs. Sept. 21

    Bluford Deadline Day 1

    Fri. Sept. 22

    Grading, Bluford 1

    Quiz 5 due in Blackboard, 6 p.m., 9/22

    Mon. Sept. 25

    Pitch review, Bluford 2

    Wed. Sept. 27

    Topic/Subject: Newsroom scenarios

    Thurs. Sept. 28

    Gaines 1 deadline day

    Fri. Sept. 29

    Grading, Gaines 1

    Mon. Oct. 2


    Wed. Oct. 4

    Topic/subject: Life as an online producer
    Lecturer: Hannah Schmidt
    Online producing is one of more popular career fields for Convergence grads. KSHB-TV senior digital producer Hannah Schmidt will give us some insight into what that looks like.


    Fri. Oct. 6


    Style quiz 6 due in Blackboard, 6 p.m., 3/3

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     Mon. Oct. 9

    Pitch review, Gaines 2

    Wed. Oct. 11

    Topic/Subject: Diversity in the newsroom
    Lecturer: Mark Hinojosa
    Diversity is incredibly important in the products we build — and that starts with where we build them.

    Thurs. Oct. 12

    Bluford Deadline Day 2

    Fri. Oct. 13

    Grading, Bluford 2

    Vocab Quiz No. 1 due Friday, 10/13, 6 p.m.

    Mon. Oct. 16

    Pitch review, Bluford 3

    Wed. Oct. 18

    Topic/Subject: Social engagement
    Lecturer: TBA

    Thurs. March 19

    Gaines  Deadline Day  3

    Fri. Oct. 20

    Grading, Gaines 3

    Vocab Quiz No. 2 due Friday Oct. 20, 6 p.m.

    Mon. Oct. 23

    Pitch review, Gaines 4

    Wed. Oct. 25

    Topic/Subject: How outlets use time
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka
    How a news outlet uses its time and space tells us a lot about its priorities and its audience.

    Thurs. Oct. 26

    Bluford deadline day 3

    Fri. Oct. 27

    Grading, Bluford 3

    Mon. Oct 30

    Pitch review, Bluford 4

    Wed. Nov. 1

    Topic/Subject: Translating your Convergence skills to jobs
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka
    You’ve learned so much these last few semesters. Now let’s start putting together the pieces of the puzzle.

    Thurs. Nov. 2

    Gaines deadline day 3

    Fri. Nov. 3

    Grading, Gaines 3


    Mon. Nov. 6
    Pitch review, Gaines 4

    Wed. Nov. 8

    Topic/Subject: Resumes
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka and Mark Hinojosa
    Time to sharpen those resumes up for the job and intern search.

    Thurs. Nov. 9

    Deadline Day, Bluford 4

    Fri. Nov. 10

    Grading, Bluford 4

    Mon. Nov 13

    Pitch review, Bluford 5

    Wed. Nov. 15

    Interview questions

    Thurs. Nov 16

    Gaines deadline day 4

    Fri. Nov. 17

    Grading, Gaines 4

    Nov. 18-26: Thanksgiving Break-No class

    Mon. Nov. 27

    Pitch review, Gaines 5

    Wed. Nov. 29

    Interview fails

    Thurs. Nov. 30
    Bluford deadline day 5

    Fri. Dec. 1

    Grading, Bluford 5

    Mon. Dec. 4

    You will get a job

    Wed. Dec. 6


    Thurs. Dec. 7

    Tarbell Deadline Day No. 5

    Fri. Dec. 8

    OPTIONAL grading, Gaines 5

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