• Stories we never want to see again

    Stories we never want to see again

    Updated July 2017

    Brought to you by the faculty and staff who want you to succeed as a reporter!

    Warning: Only pay attention to this list if you want to pitch good story ideas. Remember, there are ways to creatively break the rules in reporting. If there is something new with any of the following, pitch it as a news story.

    • Farmer’s market

    • Community gardening •

    Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture (CUCA)

    • Pagans/Wiccans •

    Society for Creative Anachronism •

    Belly Dancers •

    Tattoos/tattoo artists •

    PedNet/Get About Columbia

    • PET Project

    • How bad Columbia’s water tastes •

    Blood drives/Red Cross is on “red alert” •

    Overeating causes weight gain •

    A new restaurant is opening •

    A new/existing restaurant is giving away freebies •

    Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri needs help •

    People are shopping/preparing for: Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, 4th of July, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, etc. •

    Twilight Festival/Festival of Lights

    • Homeless people are cold

    • Homeless people are hot

    •It’s cold/hot/snowy/rainy

    •Economic impact of a sporting event

    • Anything about why there are so many Wal-Marts in Columbia, or new things happening in those stores

    • Greek stories – no, not the country – fraternity/sorority stories

    • Where are folks going on spring break?!

    • How do downtown merchants survive without student income/workers over the summer?

    • Stories on events taking place at Daniel Boone Public Library

    • Cool new websites, apps, etc.

    • Musical events, new plays in town

    • Tips. Things like: how to winterize your car, how to save money on your energy bill

    • Therapeutic Riding Center helps the disabled

    • Local train club plays with its models

    • Yoga – I didn’t know you could do that in Columbia!

    • Organic foods in mid-Missouri

    • Student Organization “X” does “Y”

    • Hey everybody, let’s recycle!

    • How to treat medical condition “X” with drug/therapy/spiritual beliefs/personal philosophy “Y”

    •The people and programs of your favorite local charity (Salvation Army/Voluntary Action Center/American Cancer Society, etc.)

    •Anything having to do with any kind of diet

    • Annual stories: Fireworks safety, back to school shopping, the first snow of the year, snow plows are out, etc.

    • Wear sunscreen, your seatbelt, eat more veggies, exercise more, or anything else that falls in the realm of common sense

    •Anything related to any reality tv series

    • Anything about how bad Columbia’s roads are (without any new research)

    • Biofuels

    • Anything “green”

    • Profile of a drag queen

    • What do international students think about Columbia

    • Stories about MizzouRec, its programs, facilities, etc.

    • Colony Collapse Disorder/mysteriously dying bees

    • Chronic Wasting Disease

    •iPads in kindergarten classrooms (or any classroom)

    • Fashion/makeup trends

    • 3D printing

    • Millennial farmers

    • Roller derby

    • Solar panels

    • Cigarettes are cheap here/tobacco tax reintroduced

    • Dairy farmers get tax breaks

    • Boonville reconstruction/economic redevelopment

    • Fulton’s downtown is a model for small-town revival

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