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    **Classes are in Agriculture 2-10 unless otherwise noted**

    Mon. August 21
    Topic/Subject: Introductions.
    Lecturers: Judd Slivka and Mark Hinojosa

    Meet your faculty and find out what you’ll be doing in the Convergence Reporting course.
    QUIZ: Syllabus quiz will be open on Canvas from 9 a.m. today until 6 p.m, Friday, August 25.

    Wed. Aug. 23
    What’s a story?
    Judd Slivka

    We talk about story a lot. But what is a story? That’s what we’re going to find out.

    CAMP CONVERGENCE ASSIGNMENT: Audio and still photography

    Thurs. August 24

    Convergence Media Credentials: Come by the Futures Lab between 10:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. to have your photo taken for a media credential.

    Fri. August 25 
    Topic/Subject: Writing for the ear
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka

    How we hear a story is different from how we read a story. We’ll go through clear, concise writing that works over the air and on the screen.

    4804 Two-Column Script

    Futures Lab Dress Code

    Syllabus quiz due in Canvas, 6 p.m., 8/25

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    Mon. August 28
    Topic/Subject: Scripting
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka
    The script is the backbone of what we do here. We’re going to go over our various scripts, what they do and how they work.

    Wed. Aug. 30

    Topic/Subject: How to find a story
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka

    Stories are everywhere. You just need to know where to look for them.

    Camp Convergence Assignment: Video Assignment

    Fri. Sept. 1

    Topic/Subject: Story structure
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka

    A story needs to have shape and structure before it be compelling. We’re going to show you how.

    Style quiz 1 due in Canvas, 6 p.m., Sept. 1

    Mon. Sept. 4

    Labor Day. No class.

    Wed. Sept. 6

    Topic/Subject: How to pitch
    Lecturer: Mark Hinojosa
    Your pitch is where a great story begins. We’ll walk through wha a successful pitch looks like and how to sell editors on your great idea.

    Thurs. Sept. 7: Camp Convergence Assignment 2  due on the Classes Server by 6 p.m.

    Fri. Sept. 8

    Topic/Subject: Who are your sources?
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka

    Your story is only as good as your sources. We want you to dive deep to find sources. This lecture will help you find the right ones.

    Newsroom orientation quiz due in Canvas, 6 p.m., Fri. Sept. 8

    Convergence Story Pitch Form
    You’ll submit pitches as a team here

    Week 4

    Mon. Sept. 11

    Topic/Subject: Getting good audio
    Lecturer: Mark Hinojosa

    Audio isn’t just for radio stories — it’s an integral part of video stories, too. And nothing kills a story faster than bad audio.  So we’re going to fix that.


    Wed. Sept. 13

    Bluford Pitch Day No. 1

    Social Media Element Requirements

    Minimum Story Requirements

    Fri. Sept. 15

    Topic/Subject: Fact checking
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka

    Facts are the currency we trade in; our credibility evaporates when we get them wrong. We’re going to teach you some fact-checking techniques to learn by heart.

    Style quiz 2 due in Canvas, 6 p.m., 9/15

    Week 5

    Mon. Sept. 18

    Topic/Subject: Interviewing
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka

    Good interviews make your story — and make the job of a building story — much easier. We’re going to work on that.


    Wed. Sept. 20

    Gaines Pitch Day 1

    Thurs. Sept. 21

    Bluford Deadline Day 1

    Fri. Sept. 22

    Topic/Subject: The social element
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka

    We can use social media to promote our stories, but we can also it to build an entirely different kind of story that engages our audience in a totally different way.

    Style quiz 3 due in Canvas, 6 p.m., 9/22

    Out-of -class reading

    Mon. Sept. 25

    Topic/SubjectIn-class critique
    Lecturer: Mark Hinojosa

    One team has one story under the belt. We’ll go through some of the stories to see what we can do better moving forward.

    Wed. Sept. 27

    Bluford Pitch Day 2

    Thurs. Sept. 28

    Gaines Deadline Day 1

    Fri. Sept. 29

    Topic/Subject: Framing a story
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka

    Stories need frames. If it’s a print story, we do that in a nut graf. In a broadcast piece, we do it as an anchor intro. We’ll learn about both, as well as Judd’s exuberance about nut grafs.

    Week 7

    Mon. Oct. 2

    Topic/Subject: Photo storytelling
    Lecturer: Mark Hinojosa

    A photo may be a snapshot in time, but a series of photos tells a story. We’ll go into detail onto how to illustrate a story with compelling photography.

    Wed. Oct. 4


    Thurs. Oct. 5


    Fri. Oct. 6

    Topic/Subject: Making non-visual stories visual
    Lecturer: Jamie Greber
    Not every story lends itself to great visuals. We’ll discuss some techniques to make those stories compelling on screen.

     Mon. Oct. 9

    Topic/Subject: Blogging
    Lecturer: Mark Hinojosa

    Here’s a chance to put some branding out there. Blogging is where people can see your interests and your raw writing. It’s a chance to shape who you are.

    Extra credit: Earn an additional half a letter grade on your final semester grade by blogging once weekly until the end of the semester. Must have 9 posts to earn the extra credit. Posts must be live on your sites by 6 p.m. on Saturdays to earn the credit for that week. The blog must have a theme — and you must stick to that theme throughout the semester.  At least 50 percent of your blog entries should have some kind of multimedia component. First blog must be up by 6 p.m. Oct. 14.


    Wed. Oct. 11

    Gaines Pitch 2

    Thurs. Oct. 12

    Bluford DD2

    Fri. Oct. 13

    Topic/Subject: Course correction
    Lecturer: Mark Hinojosa

    We generally see the same mistakes over and over. We’ll bring them to your attention and give you some solutions for them.

    Extra credit math quiz due in Canvas, 6 p.m., 10/14

    Monday Oct. 16

    Topic/Subject: Diversity in reporting
    Lecturer: Leonard Pitts

    Wed. Oct. 18

    Bluford Pitch Day No. 3

    Thurs. Oct. 19

    Gaines Deadline Day 2

    Fri. Oct. 20

    Topic/Subject: Color correction
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka

    Shoot it balanced the first time and you won’t have to correct it in post. But if you don’t, here’s how you do….

    Mon. Oct. 23

    Topic/Subject: Data Stories
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka

    A little bit of data goes a long way. We’ll talk about data and Excel.


    Wed. Oct. 25

    Gaines Pitch Day No. 3

    Thurs. Oct. 26

    Bluford Deadline Day No. 3

    Fri. Oct. 27

    Topic/Subject: Using numbers in your story
    Lecturer: Jamie Greber

    Numbers are great. They provide credibility and evidence. But they’re often hard to work into a story when it’s heard, not read.

    Mon. October 30

    Topic/Subject: Building characters with character
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka

    Character development in a news piece is about details. We’ll talk about how details drive stories and create compelling characters.

    Wed. Nov. 1

    Bluford Pitch Day 4

    Thurs. Nov. 2

    Gaines Deadline Day 3

    Fri. Nov. 3

    Topic/Subject: Stephen Henderson
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka


    Mon. Nov. 6
    Topic: Infographics

    Infographics aren’t just pretty pictures on a page.

    Wed. Nov. 8

    Gaines Pitch 4

    Thurs. Nov. 9

    Bluford Deadline Day 4

    Fri. Nov. 10

    Topic/Subject: Infographics
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka

    There’s more than one way to tell a story. And a good visual can be worth thousands of words.


    Mon. Nov. 13

    Topic/Subject: Where’s the line?
    Judd Slivka


    Wed. Nov. 15

    Bluford Pitch 5

    Thurs. Nov. 16
    Gaines Deadline Day 4

    Fri. Nov. 17

    Topic: View from the other side
    Sometimes it helps to know what the person on the other end of the phone is thinking…

    **Thanksgiving break 11/20-11/26**

    Mon. Nov. 27

    Topic/Subject: Inclusive interviewing
    Judd Slivka


    Out-of -class reading

    Wed. Nov. 29

    Gaines Pitch 5

    Thurs. Nov. 30

    Bluford Deadline Day 5

    Fri. Dec. 1

    Topic/Subject: Portfolio beginnings
    We’ll start looking at online portfolios so you can start yours over break

    Mon. Dec. 4

    Wed. Dec. 6

    Wildcard Day

     Thurs. Dec. 7

    Gaines Deadline Day 5



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