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    Presidential Promise Tracker

    Client: PolitiFact, RJI Fellow Aaron Sharockman

    Mentor:Mike McKean

    Team: Lindsay Gloor, Ginger Hervey and Samantha Kummerer

    PolitiFact, Pulitzer Prize winner and home of the Truth-O-Meter™, is building a new and improved Promise Tracker to determine how well Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump follows through on campaign promises once in the White House next January.

    Executive Director Aaron Sharockman has put together a group of presidential scholars to advise PolitiFact on how to track and evaluate promises most effectively.

    The capstone team will work with Aaron, the PolitiFact team and me to create multimedia content and help determine how best to present these stories through PolitiFact’s platforms.

    Post election, we’ll begin to cull the promise list of the president-elect. We’ll consult with our scholars and determine a final list. We’ll present that list to the president-elect for their review and offer them an opportunity to suggest changes, additions or deletions.

    Making State Government Relevant Again

    Client: Missouri School of Journalism

    Mentor: Mark Horvit

    Team: CiCi Chen, Brendan McDermott and Shuya Zheng

    The School of Journalism is reinventing the way it covers state government, and we need your help.

    We want to bring all of your creativity to bear to help us rethink what statehouse coverage should look like now and in the future. Our coverage needs to work on multiple platforms, engage audiences and be delivered in the ways that people consume news today.
    We’ll ask you to play a key role in the creation of this new model, including:
    • Checking out what other schools are doing and looking for ideas, things to consider and things to avoid
    • Taking a critical look at the current coverage of Missouri’s state government
    • Proposing key new ways Mizzou can do it better.
    We ultimately hope to create a model here that can be replicated throughout the country, and you can be in on Ground Zero for the project.

    Journalists, Social Media and Trust: Part 2

    Client: RJI

    Mentor: Joy Mayer

    Team: Amanda Byler, Emily Rackers and Micheala Sosby

    How can journalists use social media to build trust with their users? That’s the fundamental question at the heart of a yearlong RJI research project. In Spring 2016, a capstone team helped Joy Mayer launch the project. Since then, 16 newsrooms have spent the summer testing out social strategies designed to enhance their credibility and build trust. Now you can help assess what those newsrooms found and what lessons we can offer the industry as a result.
    The strategies being tested have to do with how journalists tell the story of what they have to offer their communities, how those journalists practice authentic audience engagement, and how they can encourage the users who already trust them to share their messages far and wide.
    During Fall 2016 a capstone team will be analyzing data, drawing conclusions and reporting out to the industry. As part of the team, you would be looking at what the newsrooms have manually logged about their experiences and also diving into their social analytics for a deeper look. You would also be talking to representatives from those 16 newsrooms about how it went, what they learned and what they hope other journalists do moving forward. You would then help determine the best way to communicate results to the industry.

    The True/False Podcast

    Client: KBIA, True/False Film Fest

    Mentor: Ryan Famuliner

    Team: Claire Banderas, Stephen Dawson, Sarah Kellogg and Mary McIntyre

    KBIA is collaborating with the True/False Film Fest to create a podcast centered around the topic of documentary journalism. The podcast will consist of interviews with documentary makers, conducted by KBIA and True/False staff, as well as some other wonk an whimsy you’d expect from the partner organizations.

    Your role as a student on this team will be to help coordinate and produce the content, and just generally be involved as this new podcast launches in winter 2016.

    Launching Racquet Magazine

    Client: Caitlin Thompson, Class of 2003

    Mentor: Mike McKean

    Team: Fan Feng, Yili Liu and Yinzi Zeng

    Racquet Magazine, a literary quarterly publication devoted to tennis, from its swashbuckling past to its modern global culture – is an attempt to prove that high-quality narrative and reported journalism can thrive in the age of algorithmically derived newsfeeds.

    Because the core product is print only, Racquet is pulling every digital lever available to create viability. Founder Caitlin Thompson has created a relationship with Longform.org, which will co-fund and co-publish one piece per issue. You’ll help create dynamic web-only content – video, photo, audio, text, geared toward excerpts on sites such as Slate and via our social channels. Racquet will co-produce short documentaries to burnish the brand, and then work on distribution deals with VICE and ESPN’s 30 for 30.  You’ll helpcreate, track and innovate – replicating successes and moving on from shortcomings, learning all the while.

    The capstone team will help conceive Racquet’s strategy and execution – from the materials we’re putting in the magazine, as well as the digital-only content that will help tell Racquet’s larger story – as we work toward the December publication of the second issue (a true first issue, as they’re considering the product that’ll hit newsstands in early fall to be a prototype). Perhaps most importantly in our increasingly fragmented media landscape, you’ll get to have a hand in an independent media business being born.

    Last semester’s projects here.

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