• 4804/7804 Spring 17 Schedule

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    **Classes are in Geological Sciences 108 unless otherwise noted**

    Wed. Jan. 22
    Topic/Subject: Introductions. What’s a story?
    Lecturers: Judd Slivka and Mark Hinojosa

    Meet your faculty and find out what you’ll be doing in the Convergence Reporting course. What are the elements that make a compelling story? What kind of characters and conflict make a story sing?
    QUIZ: Syllabus quiz will be open on Canvas from 9 a.m. today until 6 p.m, Friday, January 20.


    Thurs. Jan. 19

    Convergence Media Credentials: Come by the Futures Lab between 10:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. to have your photo taken for a media credential.

    Fri. Jan. 20 
    Topic/Subject: Scripting
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka

    Breaking down a script, what we use it for and how we use it.

    Out -of -class reading

    Who, what, when, where, why, and how: What is journalism for?

    CAMP CONVERGENCE ASSIGNMENT: Audio and still photography

    4804 Two-Column Script

    Futures Lab Dress Code

    Out-of -class reading

    Top 10 Mistakes College Journalists Should Avoid

    Syllabus quiz due in Canvas, 6 p.m., 1/20

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    Mon. Jan. 23
    Topic/Subject: How to find a story?
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka
    Stories are everywhere. We just have to know how to find them.

    Wed. Jan. 25

    Topic/Subject: How to pitch
    Lecturer: Mark Hinojosa

    Camp Convergence Assignment: Video Assignment

    Thurs. Jan. 26: Camp Convergence Assignment 1 due on the Classes Server by 6 p.m.

    Out-of -class reading

    6 questions journalists should be able to answer before pitching a story

    The New York Times’ political story pitch meeting

    Fri. Jan. 27

    Topic/Subject: Writing for the ear
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka

    Writing for broadcast is different from writing for print. We’ll go over how to make things understandable and compelling.

    Style quiz 1 due in Canvas, 6 p.m., 1/27

    Out-of -class reading

    Writing for the ear

    Ten Tips for Writing for Radio

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    Mon. Jan. 30

    Topic/Subject: Story structure
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka

    How a story is built often defines its success. We’ll look at ways to structure reporting and stories so they make sense to the audience.

    Wed. Feb. 1

    Bly Pitch Day No. 1

    Out-of -class reading

    Story Structure: The ‘e’


    Thurs. Sept. 8: Camp Convergence Assignment 2  due on the Classes Server by 6 p.m.

    Fri. Feb. 3

    Topic/Subject: Fact checking
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka

    Facts are the currency we trade in. We’re going to go over some fact-checking practices to learn by heart.

    Newsroom orientation quiz due in Canvas, 6 p.m., 2/3

    Convergence Story Pitch Form
    You’ll submit pitches as a team here

    Out-of -class reading

    7 steps to better fact-checking


    Week 4

    Mon. Feb. 6

    Topic/Subject: Interviewing
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka

    Interviewing is part and parcel of what we do. Preparing for the interview and asking the right questions can be the difference between a story that soars and a story that crashes.

    Out-of -class reading

    The Art of the Interview

    20 interview tips


    Wed. Feb. 8

    Tarbell Pitch Day No. 1

    Social Media Element Requirements

    Minimum Story Requirements

    Thurs. Feb. 9

    Bly Deadline Day No. 1

    Fri. Feb. 10

    Topic/Subject: Nut grafs and intro
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka

    The nut graf and the anchor intro are both effective and necessary to frame your story — no matter the medium. We’ll look at what makes good ones.

    Style quiz 2 due in Canvas, 6 p.m., 2/10

    Out-of -class reading

    How to write good story leads


    Week 5

    Mon. Feb. 13

    Topic/Subject: Building the social element
    Lecturer: ???

    A good social element tempts the audience into the story. But it’s an art. We’re going to go into what you need to build an effective social element.

    Out-of -class reading

    What audiences think of journalists’ social media use

    How Journalists Can Use Social Media to Build Reader Relationships

    Wed. Feb. 15

    Bly Pitch Day No.2

    Thurs. Feb. 16

    Tarbell Deadline Day No. 1

    Fri. Feb. 17

    Topic/Subject: Using data to find stories
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka

    Data can be a source for you. Whether it’s reports or spreadsheets, great stories can come out of cold hard facts. We’ll talk about how to find stories in

    Style quiz 3 due in Canvas, 6 p.m., 2/17

    Out-of -class reading

    5 best practices for telling great stories with data

    From Spreadsheets to Stories: Data-Driven Journalism

    Mon. Feb. 20

    Topic/SubjectBasic Excel
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka

    Continuing our data searches, we’ll learn how to sort, dig and do some basic function in Microsoft Excel to help you find stories.

    Wed. Feb. 22

    Tarbell Pitch Day No. 2

    Thurs. Feb. 23

    Bly Deadline Day No. 2

    Fri. Feb. 24

    Topic/Subject: Making a non-visual story visual

    Lecturer: Jamie Greber
    Not every story lends itself to visual storytelling. But we often work in a visual medium. Here’s how to make those non-visual work on screen.

    Style quiz 4 due in Canvas, 6 p.m., 2/24

    Out-of -class reading

    How to make boring things interesting in video


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    Week 7

    Mon. Feb. 27

    Topic/Subject: Blogging
    Lecturer: Rocio Rizos, founder of RisasRizos.com

    Your blog is the foundation of your personal brand and your first step towards making journalism a conversation with the audience.

    Extra credit: Earn an additional half a letter grade on your final semester grade by blogging once weekly until the end of the semester. Must have 9 posts to earn the extra credit. Posts must be live on your sites by 6 p.m. on Saturdays to earn the credit for that week. The blog must have a theme — and you must stick to that theme throughout the semester.  At least 50 percent of your blog entries should have some kind of multimedia component.

    Out-of -class reading

    How to engage your audience before, during and after reporting


    Wed. March 1

    Bly Pitch Day No. 3

    Thurs. March 2

    Tarbell Deadline Day No. 2

    Fri. March 3

    Topic/Subject: Course correction
    Lecturer: Mark Hinojosa
    What’s been going right? What’s been going wrong? We’ll talk about the persistent things that are bedeviling your stories.

    Style quiz 5 due in Canvas, 6 p.m., 3/3

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     Mon. March 6

    Topic/Subject: Audio
    Lecturer: Mark Hinojosa

    You’ve gotten some basics down. Now it’s time to learn how to fix those audio issues

    Out-of -class reading

    Hum or Background Noise Reduction – Adobe Premiere Pro and Audition CC

    Wed. March 8

    Tarbell Pitch Day No. 3

    Thurs. March 9

    Bly Deadline Day No. 3

    Fri. March 10

    Topic/Subject: Photoshop fixes
    Lecturer: Mark Hinojosa

    How to fix faulty photos?

    Extra credit math quiz due in Canvas, 6 p.m., 3/10

    Out-of -class reading

    Quick and dirty white balance correction with PhotoshopMon. March 13


    Monday March 13

    Topic/Subject: What makes an NPR story so good?
    Lecturer: Wade Goodwyn, Texas-based NPR correspondent

    NPR strives to tell stories that have “driveway moments,” that keep you in the car listening even after you’ve gotten where you’re going. This lecture will help you create those moments in your stories.

    Out-of -class reading

    Ira Glass on Storytelling

    Wed. March 15

    Bly Pitch Day No. 4

    Thurs. March 16

    Tarbell  Deadline Day No. 3

    Fri. March 17

    Topic/Subject: Using numbers in a broadcast story
    Lecturer: Jamie Greber

    Broadcast-style writing is designed to appeal to people listening, rather than reading. It’s an art form and we’ll go over the basics and learn a few tricks.

    Out-of -class reading

    Understanding the Past, Present and Future of Data Journalism

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    Mon. March 20

    Topic/Subject: Thinking Infographically
    Lecturer: Mike Jenner

    Infographics aren’t just places to dump statistics. They’re a storytelling form unto themselves.

    Out-of -class reading

    12 infographic tips you wish you knew years ago

    Wed. March 22

    Tarbell Pitch Day No. 4

    Thurs. March 23

    Bly Deadline Day No. 4

    Fri. March 24

    Topic/Subject: View from the other side
    Lecturer: Guest lecturer

    You’ll encounter lots of PR folks in your reporting. Here’s what it looks like for them to work with you.


    Mon. April 3


    Topic/Subject: Where’s the line?
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka

    How far are you willing to go to get that story?

    100 Key Ethics & Media Law Resources for Journalists

    Lots of outlets are producing multimedia stories. Which is your favorite? And why? You’ll need to email an example to the instructors by 8 p.m., Sunday night.


    Wed. April 5

    Bly Pitch Day No. 5

    Thurs. April 6

    Tarbell Deadline Day No. 4

    Fri. April 7


    Topic/Subject: Deconstructing a multimedia story
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka and Mark Hinojosa

    Out-of-Class Readings

    Interactive Narratives

    2013: The Year in Interactive Storytelling



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    Mon. April 10
    Topic: Resumes

    Out-of -class reading

    Girshman’s Dos-and-Don’ts Guide to Writing a résumé for a Journalism Job

    Tarbell Pitch Day No. 5

    Thurs. April 13

    Bly Deadline Day No. 4

    Fri. April 14

    Topic/Subject: Crash analysis
    Lecturer: Mark Hinojosa

    What’s constantly going wrong in stories and how to fix it

    Out-of -class reading

    Why Journalism Professors Should Teach Accuracy Checklists

    Topic: Inclusive interviewing
    Lecturer: Guest lecturer
    How do you find sources that reflect the community you’re reporting on?

    Out-of -class reading

    Toward an Inclusive Journalism: Reflecting the Communities We Represent

    Topic/Subject: Cover letters
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka

    It’s your introduction to a potential employer. How do you do it?

    Out-of -class reading

    Cover letters: 4 tips to help you win the job

    Crafting Cover Letters

    Bly Pitch Day No. 6

    Out-of -class reading


    Thurs. April 20

    Tarbell Deadline Day No. 5

    Fri. April 21

    Topic: Interview questions
    Lecturer: Mark Hinojosa

    Out-of -class reading

    How to: prepare for a journalism job interview


    Mon. April 24

    Open for future development

    Out-of -class reading

    Wed. April 26

    Tarbell Pitch Day No. 6

    Thurs. April 27

    Bly Deadline Day No. 6

    Fri. April 28


    What worked and didn’t work in this class?

    Out-of-Class Readings

     Mon. May 1


    Wed. May 3

    Wildcard Day

    Thurs. May 4

    Tarbell Deadline Day No. 6

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