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    Graduate students and undergraduate students in this class are subject to plus/minus grading.

    Your grade will reflect these percentages:

    Class participation and Attendance – 10%
    Class participation and attendance are vital and can rarely be made up. Classes are designed to supplement your hands-on learning, introduce new ideas and bring up big picture topics that may or may not be relevant to your weekly shifts.

    I will take attendance during every class. You may miss four classes for any reason without penalty. (I will not judge absences as excused or unexcused.)

    Please check with a classmate to find out what happened in class when you were gone. If you still have questions about the material, check in with an instructor.

    After four absences, an additional absence will result in a C for attendance. A sixth absence or chronic tardiness will result in an F for attendance. If you have an ongoing illness or unforeseen circumstances that cause you to miss class for more than two weeks, please meet with a faculty member.

    Social Media Producing  – 40%
    You will be working in teams to provide social media content for either one of five newsrooms. Your teams will help our newsrooms connect with their audiences by telling their story. This may be done using video, photos, information graphics in social media posts. You and your teammates will meet with your newsroom clients and determine what the story is they’re trying to tell. You’ll figure out a plan on how to help the reporters and editors in that newsroom connect with its audience — and then execute that plan.

    The exact number of “stories” each student is responsible for will vary depending on class size. This will be determined during a team meeting with your instructor following your first meeting with your client. A contract will be drawn up with mutual expectations and projected deadlines.

    In many cases, you’ll be working with your client and me to determine what your work will look like, when it will be due, and when it will published. Deadlines may be fluid than in daily news production.

    At the ends of Weeks 4, 8, 12 and 16, you will write me a 2-3 paragraph summary of what YOU have done to move your newsroom team forward. This will be submitted in Canvas. Your grade will be based on your summary, the work I’ve observed and feedback I get from your client.  LATE WORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL FROM THE INSTRUCTOR.

    Market Analysis Reports – 35%
    Every two weeks, you will be required to choose a television or radio station, newspaper or online-only outlet and do an analysis of their social media presence. What does that outlet do that you like? What don’t you like? What do you think they could do better — and how?  What insights can you gather into the organization’s audience and how employees interact with that audience?

    Papers should be 200-300 words, double spaced and uploaded to Canvas by 2 p.m. on Monday afternoons in the assigned weeks.  These will be graded based on evidence of critical thought and effort, grammar and usage. Remember, this is still a journalism course! What you’ve learned about good writing applies here, too!  LATE WORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL FROM THE INSTRUCTOR.

    Beginning in Week 2, students will give presentations based on what they’ve written in their paper. I will read the papers on Mondays and decide who will present for the next four class sessions. There will be 1-2 presentations made during each class session and presenters will be named on the spot. Come to class each day prepared to talk about the organization you chose to analyze that week.  Your presentation can be informal — giving us a tour of your chosen organization’s social platforms and pointing out highlights/lowlights, then lead a short discussion on how our newsroom teams might be able to implement (or avoid!) some of the techniques you’ve shown.

    Reading Quizzes – 10%

    There will be several “pop” reading quizzes during the semester, administered through the University’s Canvas site. The quizzes will be 10 questions and you will have 15 minutes to complete them. Because they are to be taken on your own time, they will be open book. But, they will not be announced on the syllabus. You will receive a notification through Canvas that a quiz has opened. You will then have 48 hours to take the quiz before it closes.

    If you have a problem accessing a style quiz or a computer issue, you must contact an instructor immediately or the quiz score will stand as incomplete.

    There will be other online training modules that you will need to complete, such as Twitter Flight School, during the course of the semester. Completion of those training modules will be graded — and factor into your composite quiz score.  When you complete one of those assignments, you’ll select the option to print or email yourself a completion certificate. PDF that certificate and upload it to the proper assignment in Canvas.

    If you have a problem accessing a style quiz or a computer issue, you must contact an instructor immediately or the quiz score will stand as given by Canvas.

    Portfolio – 5%

    Students will create and publish and online portfolio showcasing their professional work. This might include work done in the various Missouri School of Journalism newsrooms, in off-campus internships or fellowships, personal blogs, etc. A successful portfolio will demonstrate a student’s skills, professional interests and career aspirations. Potential employers should be able to visit the site and know right away what the the student could add to their workplace — within the field of journalism or not.

    Extra Credit

    Extra credit may be offered throughout the semester. If they are, your instructor will make those available through announcements in class, Slack or both. If you want to complete and extra credit assignment but are unable due to a class or work conflict, contact the instructor as soon as the opportunity is offered to arrange for an alternative assignment.

    Graduate Student/Honors by Contract Requirement

    Graduate students will complete an additional assignment. Click here for the full details of the graduate assignment, due dates and instructions for submission.

    Completion of this assignment is required for graduate students to pass this course.

    Work will be graded on the following plus/minus A-F scale. Failure to complete the assignment will result in a failing grade for the course. The graduate component grade will be counted as the majority of your attendance/participation grade for the class.

    Letter grades will be rounded to the nearest whole number and assigned based on the following percentages:

    Undergraduate Students Graduate Students
    A+ 97-100 A+ 97-100
    A 93-96 A 93-96
    A- 90-92 A- 90-92
    B+ 87-89 B+ 87-89
    B 83-86 B 83-86
    B- 80-82 B- 80-82
    C+ 77-79 C+ 77-79
    C 73-76 C 73-76
    C- 70-72 C- 70-72
    D+ 67-69 F 69 and below
    D 63-66
    D- 60-62
    F 59 and below


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