• Futures Lab Dress Codes

    The Futures Lab is our newsroom. It’s where we demonstrate — often for the whole school to see — what we do and how we do it. Part of representing the school’s media outlets is looking professional and dressing appropriately for the task.

    4804 and 4806 students have a business-casual dress code two days of the week: Pitch Wednesdays and Deadline Thursdays.  4804 students are expected to adhere to this dress code on the days when they’re either pitching stories or in the lab working on deadline. 4806 students are expected to adhere to the dress code on days their teams are pitching or on deadline.

    The dress code is based on the KBIA code found here. In short:

    -no jeans with holes … and jeans must be worn with a nice shirt
    -no shorts
    -no sweatpants

    -no sweatshirts
    -no tank tops
    -no t-shirts

    -no flip flops
    -no baseball caps


    ----------Posted on June 13, 2016 by in 4804, 4806

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