• Stephens College fashion exhibit showcases children’s drawings and stories

    COLUMBIA — It’s customary when visiting an exhibit to learn about a topic researched by experts. But one exhibit in Columbia shows there is much to be learned from someone’s imagination, too.

    The experts for the Stephens College Costume Museum and Research Library’s spring exhibit happen to be elementary school students. The exhibit “Playing Dress Up: How Kids See Clothing” showcases children’s interpretations of about 45 garments from the costume library.

    “Our goal was that when you come in, you see the clothing, you see the drawings that are pretty obvious that this is interpretation of this garment and also see the stories as they interpret each garment,” said Jennifer Cole, Stephens College fashion assistant curator. “Not every garment has a story, but most of the groupings have a story that will accompany them that are really fantastic.”

    Read and watch the full story on the Columbia Missourian’s website.

    ----------Posted on April 7, 2016 by in Student Work

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