• For some nurse practitioners, state laws pose a challenge

    pat_bauer_photoBy Daniela Vidal

    Nurse practitioners have been a part of Missouri’s health care scene for the past fifty years. The state has a shortage of primary care doctors, but state laws restrict nurse practitioners from filling that void.

    Few nurse practitioners find a way to open their own practice with these restrictions in place, but Pat Bauer, who opened her practice in Wildwood, Missouri last May, found a way.

    When she finished her schooling, Bauer applied to more than 30 jobs.  She heard back from just two.

    One of the interviews particularly sticks out in Bauer’s mind.

    “The question was posed, ‘You have a collaborating physician don’t you?’” Bauer recalled.

    That puzzled her.

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    ----------Posted on January 4, 2016 by in Student Work

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