• How to connect to the video server using EVO ShareBrowser

    (NOTE: This process is the replacement for connecting to the Avid/Unity server.)

    Follow these instructions before launching any video editing software.

    STEP ONE: Connect using EVO ShareBrowser

    Launch EVO ShareBrowser from the dock at the bottom of the screen


    A window should appear with the following server address (if it’s not there, type it in):

    Your login is whatever class you’re in (i.e., j4804, j4806, etc.) and the password is whatever class you’re in (j4804, etc.)


    If all those settings are good, click LOGIN and you’ll get access to the ShareBrowser window:


    In the list on the left, look for the volume you need…

    • If you are using Adobe Premiere Pro, select the volume that starts with your course number and ends with “Adobe.”
    • If you are using Final Cut, you must connect to a server whose names ends with FCPX. If your class number does not have a volume that ends with FCPX, see your instructor.
    • Do not connect to a Volume whose name ends with “Mixed” unless you are specifically trying to retrieve files saved prior to August 2015. (In this case you can connect to that server but you will need to move your files to another volume to work with and/or save them.)

    Right click on the correct volume and in the popup menu choose:
    “Mount >> Mount as …”
    (If it gives you multiple options, choose the one that starts with “afp:…”)
    (If you get a prompt asking about SMB mount… choose “Allow SMB, AFP, and AVIDFS mount”)


    After that, another login window appears…


    Click CONNECT.

    [NOTE: If you are connecting to a volume whose name ends with FCPX you will not see this second prompt for username/password.]

    The folder window for the video server should open on the desktop and its icon should also appear. Before clicking anything else…

    Go to EVO ShareBrowser menu >> “Hide EVO ShareBrowser” (Do not quit).




    STEP TWO: When you are done working…

    Quit your video editing software by going under the proper menu (Premiere, FinalCut, etc.) and choosing “Quit…” to fully exit the program.

    Click on Evo share in the dock. The EVO ShareBrowser window should appear. For each volume that you connected, right-click on the volume you were using and choose from the pop-up menu “Unmount.”
    (This should cause the icon for that volume to disappear from your desktop screen.)
    NOTE: A green dot to the left of the volume indicates it is connected. Make sure you do this Unmount for each connected volume.


    Go under EVO ShareBrowser menu >> “Quit EVO ShareBrowser”


    You are now done. Enjoy the rest of your day.

    (Note: You will need to follow this procedure each time you log in/out of a Futures Lab or 45WW computer on which you plan to edit video, or anytime you decide to use a different video editing software program on the same computer.)

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