• Coloring books provide stress relief, creative outlet for adults

    (Samantha Kummerer / KOMU)

    (Samantha Kummerer / KOMU)

    By Samantha Kummerer

    COLUMBIA – A different kind of book are flying off bookstore shelves recently.

    Coloring books specifically designed for adults have a center display at Barnes and Noble and have claimed several top spots on Amazon’s Best Seller list.

    “We noticed that a lot of moms were getting together and coloring with their children and it just starting booming,” said Lisa LoPorto,the community relations manager at the Columbia Barnes and Noble. “It’s really gotten popular.”

    LoPorto said it all started with Johanna Basford’s, “Secret Garden, An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book”.

    The 2013 coloring book features tiny intricate flower designs and remains number 5 on Amazon’s best sellers.

    Since then LoPorto said the Columbia store has been stocking quite a bit of newer titles and sells them daily.

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