• Chicago, local hip hop artists to promote peace at concert

    (Micheala Sosby / The Times of Northwest Indiana)

    (Micheala Sosby / The Times of Northwest Indiana)

    By Micheala Sosby, for The Times of Northwest Indiana

    The 24-year-old rapper from Gary was getting into his car to head to work in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood at 5 a.m. May 20, when a man opened his car door and put a gun to his head. He forced Bailey into a van, where he and two others took his iPhone. They were about to take his car keys, when Bailey escaped and started running. With his back to his attackers, Bailey heard several gunshots, but was able to run about two blocks to safety.

    Anger and fear would be normal feelings after a brush with violence like this. But after realizing that two of his attackers looked rather young, Bailey became just as concerned for their lives as he was for his own that day.

    “That just changed my whole perspective,” Bailey said. “It was like wow, I’ve got to do something to try to help the youth.”

    Read the full story on The Times of Northwest Indiana’s website.

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