• 7802 Multimedia Reporter Interview assignment

    For this assignment you will record an interview (via Skype, Google Hangout, Apple FaceTime, or whatever) with a real-life professional multimedia reporter and then create a finished, edited video that delivers the most interesting insights you gather. You may also record the interview in person, if that is possible.

    You can discuss a specific piece of work the person did, or you can gather more general insights about what goes into the job. How you decide to focus the conversation and/or the finished video is up to you, so long as the end result provides something useful for other beginning multimedia journalists.

    Basically, your goal is to create something like the video on this page.

    (Feel free to cut in additional b-roll and/or elements of the person’s work as appropriate.)

    It is up to you to choose someone whose multimedia work is interesting to you, and then to track down that person and set up a time for the interview. You might try contacting a few people at once to increase the odds you’ll get someone lined up.

    If you are able to record the interview on your own computer, that’s fine. But — make sure your program records both audio and video. (If you do your interview and later realize it didn’t work, you will have to do it all over again, so plan ahead to avoid this.)

    If you don’t have your own software, you can obtain directions for how to use Camtasia to record an interview can be obtained from your instructor. To access that software, you will need to use the specific computer in the RJI Futures Lab labeled for Futures Lab show use.

    Please make sure you have gone over the directions and tried it out BEFORE you actually have the subject on the line to do the interview. If you get stuck and need individual instruction, email your instructor to set up an appointment.

    When recording the interview, try to keep the Skype window (and thus the Camtasia recording window) reasonably sized, i.e. no more than a third of the total width of the computer screen. That should significantly speed up the time it takes to process the file at the end.

    Once you have recorded and saved the interview, copy the file to your folder on the ISIS server. Then you can use any computer in the lab to import the footage into Final Cut and edit it as you did with your previous videos.


    • The finished video should be a minimum of 3 minutes and should not exceed 4 minutes. (Edit it down to include only the best stuff.)
    • Please submit the finished video file by copying it into a designated folder on the Classes server. The video file name should include:
      -Your LASTNAME
      -The first and last name of the interview subject
      So, for example: “WISE-Casey_Miner_interview.m4v”
    • Also submit a text/word document (using a similar naming convention as above) that includes in the file:
      -full name, title and organization of the person you interviewed
      -contact info for that person
      -date the interview was conducted
      -links to any of the person’s work that is specifically mentioned in the video


    This assignment is due by the final exam period during Finals Week, but feel free to complete it earlier if you choose.


    Email your instructor.

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