• 7802 Mobile Reporting assignment

    Your task is to report and produce a piece of journalistic multimedia using only your smartphone. The finished piece must contain video, and can also include still photos paired with audio and/or text if you choose. It should tell some kind of focused yet complete story using what you have learned so far about attributes of good photos and video.

    There are plenty of tools you could use for this, and you are free to choose. You can shoot the video using the standard camera app, or upgrade to a better option (see link below). You can then edit the video using one of a variety of apps. Check below for details.

    The finished assignment must end up either on your website, or in your Twitter feed, or somewhere else that is readily accessible to your instructor. To turn in the assignment, please email your instructor with instructions (and a link) to where to find your work.

    Here is information about some tools you might find useful for this assignment:

    The 7 most useful apps for mobile journalism
    (Filmic Pro ($) to record video is highly recommended.)

    Video/multimedia editing apps you might consider using:

    Judd Slivka, Convergence professor, talked to the Futures Lab about mobile video-editing apps. Watch that segment here.

    *These apps, ThingLink, Steller and Storehouse, may only be used for Assignment A. The final Assignment B must feature video that you edited using a mobile app. And don’t forget about sequences!

    Remember: Whatever you choose to do, the assignment must include some video, so if you use something like Steller, you still might need to do a little editing to your raw video footage before you bring it into the final multimedia assemblage.

    Aside from those constraints, use your creativity.

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


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