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    Week 1

    Wednesday, Jan. 21
    Topic/Subject: Meet your kit, limitations of mobile, meet Filmic Pro

    We’ll broadly discuss the pluses and minuses of mobile platforms, meet the kits and begin to learn Filmic Pro, our videography app.

    Out-of-Class Readings
    Glen Mulcahy: RTE’ Mobile Journalism: Where it began, where we are now, where we are going (potentially)

    Out-of-Class Assignment
    Filmic Pro practice: Shoot the basis of three five-shot sequences

    Lab procedures/policies

    Out-of-Class Viewing

    Operation: A short film filmed entirely on the iPhone 4S

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    Week 2

    Monday, January 26
    Topic/Subject: Pinnacle Studio

    We use Pinnacle Studio as our editing program. Make sure you bring your shooting practice clips to class because today we’re going to knock together some sequences as we learn the ins and outs of Pinnacle Studio.

    Wednesday, January 28
    Topic/Subject: Telling a story with shots
    A shot is our atomic unit. We’ll go over what different shots mean to each story and how we can convey emotion, pacing and content through the shots we select.

    Out-of-Class Readings
    Shot sizes

    Week 3

    Monday, February 2
    Topic/Subject: Shot composition: Angles, lines, forms, masses and shapes
    All the gadgets in the world can’t save a poorly composed shot. Today we’ll talk about how to compose a scene for maximum effect for the story, in ways that will help you overcome some of the limitations of the iPad.

    Out-of-Class Readings
    The importance of composition

    Out-of-Class Viewings
    Filmmaking: Composition and framing tutorial 

    Wednesday, February 4 

    Topic/Subject: Story structure: Beginnings, middles and ends
    A story with a sound internal structure sings. This class will teach the fundamentals about the basic three-act structure, as well as how to storyboard a story to make your life easier when you’re editing.

    Out-of-Class Readings
    SJ Murray’s Three-Act What? worksheet

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    Week 4

    Monday, February 9
    Topic/Subject: Conflict in stories

    Conflict is the grease that moves stories along. Today we’ll talk about a story structure that constantly engages the viewer and keeps them wondering what’s around the corner.

    Out-of-Class Readings
    What is a story? Conflict — The foundation of storytelling

    Wednesday, February 11
     The concept story
    The best stories often start from high-minded ideas: losers, food, family. We’ll talk about how to take a story from a theme to something solid.

    Out-Of-Class Viewings
    Battle of Island Mound trailer

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    Week 5

    Monday February 16
    Topic/Subject: Mobile photos

    There will be times when video isn’t our best choice or when we want a photo in the piece. We’ll use the Camera+ app to shoot effective photos for publication and the SnapSeed app to edit the to perfection.

    Out-of-Class Readings

    7 little-known tricks for taking incredible iPhone photos

    Wednesday, February 18


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    Week 6

    Monday, February 23
    Topic/Subject: Meet the client: Missouri Life magazine
    You’ll meet the client for your next set of stories. The editors of Missouri Life magazine will discuss what they expect out of the video packages that you’ll create for them.

    Out-of-Class Readings

    Missouri Life January issue

    Wednesday, February 25 
    Topic/Subject: Sound
    Good audio makes video even stronger. We’ll learn about how to gather good audio within Filmic Pro and using other apps to drop into the story.

     Out-of-Class Readings
    Natural sound stories: A how-to guide



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    Week 7

    Monday March 2
    Topic/Subject: Characters with character
    Every story has characters. But you want your story’s characters to jump off the screen and grab the viewer. We’ll talk about ways to do that.

    Out-of-Class Readings
    Types of characters in fiction
    Documentary interview tips

    Out-of-Class Viewings

    Wednesday, March 4
    Topic/Subject: Interviewing for multimedia
    Creating great characters means creating scenes, dialogue and compelling moments. We’ll talk about techniques to make sure you’re getting the most out of each interview.

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    Week 8

    Monday, March 9 

    Topic/Subject: Lighting
    The iPad has some limitations to it that can be overcome with good lighting. We’ll talk about how to use available light and supplemental light to make compelling scenes.

    Out-of-Class Readings
    Film school +: 3 point lighting
    DSLR lighting techniques from Eve Hazleton

    Wednesday, March 11

    Topic/Subject: Bringing a story from pitch to idea

    Sometimes it’s hard to get sophisticated concepts out of your head and onto paper. We’ll discuss some techniques to make the stories you pitch as compelling as possible.

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    Week 9

    Monday, March 16
    Topic/Subject: Peter Berg Day 1

    Wednesday, March 18
    Topic/Subject: Peter Berg Day 2

    We’ll deconstruct the characters and camera angles of Peter Berg, who directed the movie Lone Survivor and the movie and show Friday Night Lights.

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    Week 10

    Spring Break

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    Week 11

    Monday, March 30

    Topic/Subject: Pitch day

    You have a final project due at the end of the semester. Today you’ll summon all the skills that you’ve learned about story and put together a compelling pitch for that story.

    Wednesday, April 1
    Topic/Subject: Advanced editing

    Smart editing can make or break a story. We’ll try some advanced editing techniques on the iPads that can make your stories more engaging.

    Out-of-Class Readings
    Movie editing techniques – with pretty pictures

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    Week 12

    Monday, April 6
    Topic/Subject: Revised pitch day

    Wednesday, April 8
    Topic/Subject: Mobile apps, Part 1
    One of the strengths of the mobile platform is its flexibility. We’ll use different apps to tell stories in unique ways that will keep viewers coming back.

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    Week 13

    Monday, April 13
    Topic/Subject: Character-driven and linear narratives
    All semester you’ve been working in video. Your final project will be a linear narrative that tells a story in chapters and incorporates both the production skills and conceptual skills that you’ve learned to tell a story.

    Wednesday, April 15
    Topic/Subject: Story platform: Storehouse
    Your final projects will be linear narratives that combine words and video in a way that brings maximum impact to the reader. You’ll be building them entirely on your iPad, designing and posting them using an app called Storehouse. We’ll talk about Storehouse and how to create effective stories on it.

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    Week 14

    Monday, April 20
    In-class workshop

    Wednesday, April 23
    In-class workshop

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    Week 15

    Monday, April 27
    Topic/Subject: Final Story 1st draft due

    Wednesday, April 30
    Topic/Subject:Final Story final draft due

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    Week 16

    Monday, May 4
    Topic/Subject: Final revisions due

    Wednesday, May 6
    Topic/Subject: Evaluations/lessons learned

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