• Getting started with Final Cut: Creating a Library in FCPX


    Final works off storage areas it calls the library. This is a change from last year’s version of Final Cut. Every student needs to have his or her own library and every time you sit down to one of the J School computers you need to make sure Final Cut is saving your files to your library.
    Here’s how what you need to do to create and use your library.
    Log onto the Isis server using ISIS Client Manager. The icon is in the dock and looks like this:Isis icon 


    Launch the software, double-click JOUR-RJI-SD01;
    Launch the software,double click to mount avid Double-click JOUR-RJI-SD01;ISIS log in
    Enter username+password;log in Mount the volume for your class (4802, 4804, etc.);Avid mounted
    Then go under ISIS CLIENT MANAGER >> “Hide Isis Client…” (DO NOT QUIT THE PROGRAM)
    In Finder, navigate to your class location on ISIS (for example, 4804) and create a folder with your LastName_FirstName (if you don’t already have one). Avid server partition
    Now, fire up Final Cut Pro X.
    Final Cut will open and ask you to direct it to a library. If this is your first time using FCPX this semester you’ll need to create a library for yourself .WARNING: If you don’t create a library correctly you will lose your work. open library
    Click on NEW, direct FCPX to your 4804 Avid folder and give the library a name: new library
    After you’ve created the library, Final Cut will finish the start up procedure and will show your library in the upper left hand corner: library with event
    What if Final Cut launches without giving you the message to create a library? In Final Cut, go to FILE> Close Library (name of library). FCPX will close the current library. Go back to FILE> Open Library > Other…
    From here direct Final Cut to the 4804 Avid server, where you have stored your library.
    From here, the other functions of Final Cut are the same.
    Quit Final Cut Pro X. Go back into ISIS Client Manager and right-click on the volume for your class (4802, 4804, etc.) and choose “Unmount”; right-click on JOUR-RJI-SD01 and choose “Disconnect.” Then Quit ISIS Client Manager.
    Don’t forget to compress your video file to a size of 30mb – 50mb.



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