• How to access eRes content (4804/7804)

    We will have several reading that are accessible through eRes through the MU Libraries.  Follow these instructions to access those readings:

    1. Go to http://eres.missouri.edu/eres/courseindex.aspx?error=&page=search
    2. Log in using your Pawprint as the login and your system password as the password.
    3. This should take you to a page from MU libraries.  The third tab in the search field allows you to search by professor’s name.  Select “Simons” from the pull down menu.
    4. This takes you to a page where you have to accept to terms.  Part of that acceptance requires you to enter another password.  THAT’S where you enter “convergence.”
    5.  You’ll be taken to a page with the eRes readings for this course.

    If you have problems, contact Amy Simons in advance of when those readings are due.

    ----------Posted on August 21, 2014 by in 4804, Help Files

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