• TV News-style video package assignment (7802)

    You have learned about writing for the ear and about shooting good-quality video. Now it’s time to produce your first television news package.

    For this assignment your finished video will be between 1:30-2:00, have a script you have written and voiced, interviews with at least two people, natural sound and b-roll.

    Although we will see your interview subjects onscreen when they talk, you are NOT expected to appear on camera for this assignment. (Appearing in the story is called a “reporter standup.”) Just add your voice while we see visuals that tell the story, along with interview “bites.”

    An important part of this video is the inclusion of multiple five-shot sequences. These will be easier to capture if your subject is repeating the action a number of times or has time to spend on the action. This gives you time to work around your subject and get the five shots.

    All your video must be taken using a tripod and your images must be in focus. Be careful with moving subjects and using auto focus because the subject will slip out of focus as they move and the focus can move in and out.

    You will lose points for shots that are out of focus, jump cuts, and unnecessary pans and zooms.

    You will need to identify each person you interview with a lower-thirds super.

    Click here for detailed guidance on the process of putting together a TV story.

    When you are finished, post your video to your class website along with a text introduction that sets the stage for the story, followed by the length of the story in parentheses.

    Then email your script to your instructor.

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