• How to Connect, Create and Save Projects on the ISIS server in FCP X

    1. Connect to Avid Unity ISIS server using the ISIS Client Manager software. Launch software; double-click JOUR-RJI-SD01; enter username+password; mount the volume for your class (4802, 4804, etc.); then go under ISIS CLIENT MANAGER >> “Hide Isis Client…” (DO NOT QUIT THE PROGRAM)

    2. In Finder, navigate to your class location on ISIS (for example, 4804) and create a folder with your LastName_FirstName (if you don’t already have one).

    3. Launch Final Cut Pro X.

    • FCP X will initially ask you which library you want to open. If you already have one saved in your folder, click “locate,” navigate to your folder on the server and double-click your existing FCP X bundle. If you don’t yet have a library, click “new,” name your library and save it to your folder on the server.
    • Once in FCP X with your library open, rename your event (the default name is the date) to keep better track of your various projects.
    • Select “import media” in the events browsers to add media to that event.
    • When you’re ready to edit, select File > New Project to create a new timeline on which to edit.
    • REMEMBER: A library can contain multiple events; each event can have multiple projects. In order to stay organized, it’s a good idea to create a new event for each assignment, but be sure to save everything within the same library. This will ensure all your various projects are contained within one place.

    As we’re not using the exact protocol Apple requires for this connection, FCP will occasionally pop up a window telling you it “Can’t change or save projects”. Please ignore that and choose to “Continue.” Our Futures Lab students are telling me it works just fine and they never had any problems with saving their work.


    • Quit Final Cut Pro X.
    • Go back into ISIS Client Manager and right-click on the volume for your class (4802, 4804, etc.) and choose “Unmount”; right-click on JOUR-RJI-SD01 and choose “Disconnect.” Then Quit ISIS Client Manager.
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