• Exporting and Compressing Final Cut Pro X video

    These steps will help you properly export and compress your Final Cut Pro X video projects before saving them to the Classes Server. All files turned in should be no larger than 50 MB. Following this process should ensure your files are of the proper size. You are subject to having your grade lowered if your team submits files larger than that.

    1.  Go to Share in the top Menu: 




    2.  Choose iPhone, click on Show Details:


    3:  Under the “Encode for” option, choose “More compatibility”: 


    4.  Name your exported file with your story slug:

    5. Choose “Better quality, multi-pass” under the Encode option:

    6. You could deselect “Add to iTunes” option if you don’t want to automatically add this video to your iTunes library.

    NOTE: If you don’t deselect “Add to iTunes” option, you won’t get to the “Next” button in this window Your file will be saved in iTunes library).

    This is what the window should look like when you click “Next”:

    7. In the next window, you can change the name and the location of your export file if you need. Once you click Save, FCP X will start exporting. When finished, you will see your mpeg4 type video file where you saved it (or it will be added to your iTunes library and opened in iTunes if you selected that option in the previous window).


    8.  Check the size of your file.  Any file larger than 50 MB will need to be compressed using MPEG Streamclip before saving to the Classes Server.  Open the MPEG Streamclip App.  It should be on the dock, if it isn’t, find it using the Spotlight tool.  The app’s icon looks like this:

    9.  Drag and drop your video into the canvass.


    10.  Go to the “File” menu and choose the “Export to mpeg4” option.



    11.  Your settings should match these:


    11.  Once you’re set, click “Make MP4” to begin the compression.

    12.  Your compressed video file is ready to place in your story folder on the Classes Server.

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