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    **Classes are in Agriculture 2-10 unless otherwise noted**

    Mon. Aug. 21 
    Topic/Subject: Introductions. Expectations. Syllabus review. Getting Started.
    Lecturers: Judd Slivka and Mark Hinojosa

    Meet your faculty and find out what you’ll be doing in the Convergence Editing and Reporting course.
    QUIZ: Quiz No. 1  will be open on Blackboard from 9 a.m. today until 6 p.m, Friday, August 25.

    Wed. Aug. 23

    Topic/Subject: Intro to project managing
    Judd Slivka and Mark Hinojosa

    Thurs. Aug. 24

    Convergence Media Credentials: Come by the Futures Lab between 10:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. to have your photo taken for a media credential if you need them..

    Fri. Aug. 25 
    Topic/Subject: Intro to project management 2
    What you need to do to be an effective project manager.
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka, Mark Hinojosa

    CAMP CONVERGENCE ASSIGNMENT 1 (to manage) : Audio and still photography

    Futures Lab Dress Code


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    Mon. Aug. 28
    Topic/Subject: How to coach a story
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka, Mark Hinojosa
    How do you make a story better? What are the questions you should ask and the holes you should look for?

    Wed. Aug. 30

    OFF, but work with your 4804 students for Camp Convergence No. 1.
    CC Deadline Day 1-1 (Bluford)

    Camp Convergence Assignment 2 (to manage): Video Assignment

    Thurs. Aug. 31: CC Deadline Day 1-2 (Gaines)

    Fri. Sep. 1

    Topic/Subject: How to tell a story
    Lecturer: Tommy Tomlinson

    Storytelling is at the heart of what we do. Tommy Tomlinson is one of America’s great storytellers and will share some hints.

    Quiz No. 2 due in Blackboard, 6 p.m.,9/1


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    Mon. Sept. 4

    Labor Day: No class

    Wed. Sept. 6

    OFF, but work with your 4804 students for Camp Convergence No. 2.
    CC Deadline Day 2-1 (Gaines)

    Thurs. Sept. 7

    Camp Convergence No. 2 CC Deadline Day 2-2 (Bluford)

    Fri. Sept. 8

    Topic/Subject: Blogging
    Lecturer: Mark Hinojosa

    Blogging is more than just writing. It’s defining a personal brand and an expertise.

    Quiz No. 3 due in Blackboard, 6 p.m., 9/8

    Week 4

    Mon. Sept. 11

    Pitch review, Bluford 1

    Wed. Sept. 13

    Bluford 1 pitch day


    Fri. Sept. 15

    Topic/Subject: Building packages
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka

    The package is the whole box of content. We’ll talk about how to target content for the right channel — and how to get all those channels working together.

    Quiz 4 due in Blackboard, 6 p.m., 9/15

    Week 5

    Mon. Sept. 18

    Pitch review, Gaines 1

    Wed. Sept. 20

    Topic/Subject: How to deal with problem employees
    Lecturer: Mark Hinojosa

    Every newsroom has that employee: The cranky, unhappy miserable person who constantly throws a wrench into works. We’ll talk about how to manage that person.

    HOMEWORK: Newsroom scenarios for next week

    The Perfectionist
    Managing the Third Floor Team (Lundin, Paul and Christiansen)
    Case studies by Charles Warner – choose “When Mediocrity Meets Tragedy”
    Case studies by Charles Warner – choose “Creative Casey: disciplining a star reporter”

    Thurs. Sept. 21

    Bluford Deadline Day 1

    Fri. Sept. 22

    Grading, Bluford 1

    Quiz 5 due in Blackboard, 6 p.m., 9/22

    Mon. Sept. 25

    Pitch review, Bluford 2

    Wed. Sept. 27

    Topic/Subject: Newsroom scenarios

    Thurs. Sept. 28

    Gaines 1 deadline day

    Fri. Sept. 29

    Grading, Gaines 1

    Mon. Oct. 2


    Wed. Oct. 4

    Topic/subject: Life as an online producer
    Lecturer: Hannah Schmidt
    Online producing is one of more popular career fields for Convergence grads. KSHB-TV senior digital producer Hannah Schmidt will give us some insight into what that looks like.


    Fri. Oct. 6


    Style quiz 6 due in Blackboard, 6 p.m., 3/3

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     Mon. Oct. 9

    Pitch review, Gaines 2

    Wed. Oct. 11

    Topic/Subject: Diversity in the newsroom
    Lecturer: Mark Hinojosa
    Diversity is incredibly important in the products we build — and that starts with where we build them.

    Thurs. Oct. 12

    Bluford Deadline Day 2

    Fri. Oct. 13

    Grading, Bluford 2

    Vocab Quiz No. 1 due Friday, 10/13, 6 p.m.

    Mon. Oct. 16

    Pitch review, Bluford 3

    Wed. Oct. 18

    Topic/Subject: Social engagement
    Lecturer: TBA

    Thurs. March 19

    Gaines  Deadline Day  3

    Fri. Oct. 20

    Grading, Gaines 3

    Vocab Quiz No. 2 due Friday Oct. 20, 6 p.m.

    Mon. Oct. 23

    Pitch review, Gaines 4

    Wed. Oct. 25

    Topic/Subject: How outlets use time
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka
    How a news outlet uses its time and space tells us a lot about its priorities and its audience.

    Thurs. Oct. 26

    Bluford deadline day 3

    Fri. Oct. 27

    Grading, Bluford 3

    Mon. Oct 30

    Pitch review, Bluford 4

    Wed. Nov. 1

    Topic/Subject: Translating your Convergence skills to jobs
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka
    You’ve learned so much these last few semesters. Now let’s start putting together the pieces of the puzzle.

    Thurs. Nov. 2

    Gaines deadline day 3

    Fri. Nov. 3

    Grading, Gaines 3


    Mon. Nov. 6
    Pitch review, Gaines 4

    Wed. Nov. 8

    Topic/Subject: Resumes
    Lecturer: Judd Slivka and Mark Hinojosa
    Time to sharpen those resumes up for the job and intern search.

    Thurs. Nov. 9

    Deadline Day, Bluford 4

    Fri. Nov. 10

    Grading, Bluford 4

    Mon. Nov 13

    Pitch review, Bluford 5

    Wed. Nov. 15

    Interview questions

    Thurs. Nov 16

    Gaines deadline day 4

    Fri. Nov. 17

    Grading, Gaines 4

    Nov. 18-26: Thanksgiving Break-No class

    Mon. Nov. 27

    Pitch review, Gaines 5

    Wed. Nov. 29

    Interview fails

    Thurs. Nov. 30
    Bluford deadline day 5

    Fri. Dec. 1

    Grading, Bluford 5

    Mon. Dec. 4

    You will get a job

    Wed. Dec. 6


    Thurs. Dec. 7

    Tarbell Deadline Day No. 5

    Fri. Dec. 8

    OPTIONAL grading, Gaines 5

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