• Graduate Assignment – 7804, 7806

    Graduate students will complete an additional assignment that combines the creation of a portfolio site and offers high-level analysis of developments in the world of online journalism.

    Websites can be created using the platform of your choice – either free blogging software such as WordPress, Blogger, Wix, etc., or coded by hand and hosted on Bengal or a student’s private server space.  These sites should contain multiple tabs and should reflect professionalism and your career path.  You MAY use content created from other classes to include in your portfolio.  You MAY use templates and CSS style sheets from the Internet.  You MAY incorporate your class blog into a tab on the portfolio site.

    You will be expected to submit a link to your site to faculty via email four times during the course of the semester via email. This communication should include a single paragraph that outlines the changes made to your site since the last deadline.  This could include the addition of new published work, significant changes to site design, navigation, or other feature.  By the end of the semester, students should have a fully serviceable portfolio site ready to show to potential employers that can be continuously updated moving forward.

    Work must be submitted to faculty by Friday at 5 p.m. of  Week 12 demonstrating further content development from the previous deadline.  The final deadline is 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, December 8. (WILL ALWAYS BE THE FINAL TEAM STORY DEADLINE DAY).

    Students will receive feedback from faculty after each deadline.  It will ultimately be worth 100 points.

    PORTFOLIO SITE (60%):  Each quarterly update is worth 15 points, and will be graded based on the demonstrated progress in producing a professional-quality portfolio website.  Students can choose their own design and layout, but ease of navigation, functional links and multimedia, depth of material, presence of a professional resume and contact information and the proper use of spelling and grammar will be considered.

    INDUSTRY ANALYSIS (40%):  Sites must contain a tab where students will write an academic analysis of a current event/development in online journalism. Students must demonstrate an understanding of the issue presented, providing critical synthesis and analysis of the coverage current events, ethical case studies, academic reports, etc. Examples might include a student’s commentary about the latest news releases from PEW Project for Excellence in Journalism or Neiman Reports.  The four entries must be on a fresh topic and stem from a different source (ie., students may not pull the source material for their four entries entirely from the New York Times or CNN or Politico).  These posts, to be turned in on each of the quarterly due dates, are worth 10 points apiece. They should be written in a blog-like style, between 200-400 words.

    Students must complete both the portfolio site and the industry analysis components to pass this course.

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