Cookie sales teach Girl Scouts business

For a few weeks every year, Girl Scouts are selling cookies everywhere. And you know you can't help but buy at least one box.

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One by one, Missouri’s black towns die

But these testaments to the state’s African-American history have all met a similar fate: They’re nearly empty, if not completely wiped from the map.

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Steep challenge to becoming a farmer

The USDA’s recently released Census of Agriculture shows a 20 percent drop in the number of beginning farmers compared to 2007.

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Learning to dance

Missouri Contemporary Ballet's DanceAbility class is structured similarly to a traditional beginner's ballet class but with a few key differences.

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Student Work

A selection of work by convergence students at MU.


Find anything you need, from equipment checkout procedures to help files and tech manuals.

Prospective Students

Thinking of joining the ranks of the best multimedia journalists around? Here are program details.

Media Partners

Convergence students use the "Missouri Method," gaining experience at variety of newsrooms in Columbia.

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